February 19th, 2014

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My friend and I will be visiting New Orleans next month for three days.
We already have a few places we want to visit: Cafe Du Monde, the French Market, and Central Grocery are, of course, on the list. We'll also be visiting Frisco Fest at one of the plantations outside of the city.

Are there any locals or people familiar with NOLA who could recommend some of the less touristy places to visit?
Or even just some recommendations on other places to see?

This will be my very first road trip without my family and I'm excited. Where did you go for your first trip as an adult?

If you travel often, what's something you always seem to forget?


OH Magical TQC! I beseech thee! Speak unto me with your great and mighty wisdom!

Haha, okay, so I have a pretty uneven skin tone, my pores are a bit large, and the skin is a bit rough/dry. Any recommendations on skin care you've tried or known someone to have success with? While not looking to by $500 an ounce moisturizer I'm not completely ruling out (just mostly). If you've been to a dermatologist for just unsatisfactory/uncomfortable skin what did they do for you? I've considered seeing one but I don't see the point in wasting my time and money if they just tell me to slap some lotion on it.
Potassium perversion

Which outcome is preferable?

Which outcome is preferable? It's the first day on your new job! As you're crossing the street to get to your building, you trip on the curb and land chest-first _______

On a sharp rock
On fresh, squishy dog poop

Which outcome is preferable? You're in a restaurant, and you bite into your sandwich and _____

You discover there's a piece of tin foil still attached, as you chew on it awkwardly
You find a small piece of bone (if you're a vegetarian, then you find a rock-hard stem of some kind that should have been cut off)

Which outcome is preferable? While wearinig white pants to the mall, you realize too late that _____

You're wearing darker underwear, and it's visibile through the pants
The soda you spilled in your lap has made it seem like you pissed yourself

Which outcome is preferable? Driving home late at night and hitting a ______

Beautiful collie (dog). The collision kills it
Parked car. The damage on your end is a few hundred bucks. About the same for the other car

Which outcome is preferable? You're told that you got blackout drunk the night before and ended up in a sweaty makeout session with _____

Your boss
Your cousin
Music - Lynn Smile

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Say you're moving to a new, much bigger city. Full time jobs in your industry are highly competitive and most require more qualifications than you currently possess. You have 4 months to move (you are joining your SO and keeping your current lease until you find a job).

Which would you be most likely to do?

+ Search for a full time + benefits job not in your field but something you're good at
+ Hold out for a full time + benefits job in your industry that you are qualified for (few and far between)
+ Attempt to find 2 part time jobs in your industry (much more common) and apply for health insurance through the ACA
+ Something else that I will detail in the comments

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Also, anyone having trouble with polls? It generates the code but it keeps posting just the text when I post/preview it.

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have you heard of using hog hair brushes to wash cars? a Local do it yourself car wash place has them but I always thought brushes were bad for car paint? Is hog hair an exception?

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Should I quit my job?

I've had the job for two and a half years. It's a job with benefits that sounds good and looks good on paper and it took me about two years of temp positions just to get in. The job wasn't actually all that bad at first, but over time a lot of little things have gotten steadily worse. I feel like it's gotten to the point where staying in this environment is actually hurting my employment future. I do have the opportunity to do something part time (though unsteady) -- it would provide enough money to pay my bills and the savings I have would provide enough for me to pay for health insurance for a half year or so if I'm frugal.

I am so depressed sometimes I feel sick and actually sometimes start to cry when I have to get up to go in in the mornings. I've asked my doctor about therapy and antidepressants because I'm so upset and desperate. I'm at the point where, even though I'll feel guilty for being 'lazy' and worrying my family (I'll be unemployed!) and even though I know it doesn't make sense in this economy, I would rather risk it and do the unofficial/unsteady part time job while applying for something full time that isn't so soul sucking.

So should I quit my job, TQC?

Teef decision

I'm currently having a debate with people about teeth whitening; the LED gel treatment specifically. I'm less concerned with short term side effects (ie teeth sensitivity, gum whitening) and more with permanent damage, like wearing out enamel. Are you aware of hearing any damaging effects like that, or, if done seldom, is it overall safe?
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Feng Shui

Yoga Journal just sent me an email about feng shui and my bedroom. It's all about making sure the energy in your bedroom is going to promote restful sleep etc.

Did you give any consideration to feng shui when arranging your current living or working space?
Mr. Pants Says

Money Pit

Have you ever started a home improvement project, only to end up completely rehabbing the entire house?

To save money on said renovations, would you ever consider using salvaged architecture and fixtures in good (and not always great) condition?

Is appearance more important to you than function?

These questioned brought to you by the hell i'm slogging through on a project that was supposed to just be a clean up and patch job for the trailer I am supposed to be moving in to.

dk/dc: what are you jealous of?
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