February 18th, 2014



I have decided the men's US Olympic curling team needs the MAGIC that is Hajiomatic!!!

What do I need to do to be on the 2018 Olympic curling team????



Which of these beliefs could you tolerate/accept in someone that you're dating? Anything you don't check, it's assumed that the belief is too upsetting, and a dealbreaker to you

There is no god. This person is an atheist
All drugs should be legalized. It's just people out to have fun. If they were legalized, the price would come down and crime would come down, and our prisons would empty
Intelligent design
The political party tenets opposite of your own
Abortion should be made illegal in all circumstances
The Bible is historically correct. It all happened
Homosexuality is a choice
The Devil. Satan actively strives to tempt you, so if this person is tempted to sin, they'll try and drive the devil away by acknowledging his tactics out loud (nice try, Satan) and then praying
Astrology. This person believes not only that it works, but actively uses it to understand people when they first meet them ('You're a Libra, so you're indecisive...')
The belief that the only books worth reading are graphic novels and comic books. Anything else is lame
Racial stereotypes. This person believes that they're all true, these 'inclinations'

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Do you have a name that has variations in spelling leading to a lot of 'how is that spelt?' or 'is that with a C or a K?'

For example: my name is Sarah so whenever I am asked my name I have to say or am asked 'with an 'h' or no?'

Inspired by the baby name my husband and I have chosen: Victor. Or Viktor. I came to the realization that if we spell it with a 'k' he's going to be saying the line 'with a 'k' a lot.

Which version do you prefer: Viktor or Victor?

Live journal is telling me 'Viktor' is incorrectly spelt but I've seen it that way before.
Μįŕσσ Мμςқ

Poll which goes as low...

Poll #1957182 Misallocated wealth...

Money talks, or so they say... for HALF A MILLION DOLLARS, which of these things would you do?

Call your mother a sweary word TO HER FACE
Tell a policeman to PISS UP SOMEONE ELSE'S TREE
Enter a radio show contest and excuse yourself mid-answer because YOU HAVE AN ITCH TO SCRATCH
Barge in on your roommate having noisy sex and say to their mate, WE DID THIS EARLIER ON IT WAS SO GOOD
Take a pastor aside after a gathering and warn him I FIND YOUR LACK OF FAITH DISTURBING
Pull up at the drive-through and ask CAN I HAZ CHEEZEBUGER NOW? when they ask to take your order
Tell a brickie/sparkie/roadworker you can see a crack they'll need to repair RIGHT BEHIND YOU...
Announce mid-lecture at a top university SAY WHAT? OH MY, WHAT AWESOME CRACK IS THIS LECTURER ON?
Ask your doctor if they've got a little, ...you know..., to spare
During peak hour run up the middle of the freeway screaming OH MY GOD SATAN'S GOT ME BY THE LEFT TESTICLE NOOOOOOOOOOOO
movie: eraserhead

book help?

This is probably so vague it hurts, but I've done a lot of googling and nothing has come up other than what you need to use against zombies.

At the bookstore the other day and found a zombie novel where the zombies had weapons. I think the humans might have had them as well? But I know on the back it said the zombies were weaponized.
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What's your least favourite household chore - the one you would always strive to leave for someone else instead of doing yourself?

What's the best way to get someone to take on your hated chore? (Trading for other chores, non-chore favours - serious and non-serious answers go right ahead.)

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Have you ever explored a big city* by yourself? If so, which city and how was it?

I'll be in Seattle/Portland next month for a conference and am strongly considering driving up to Vancouver for a dayish while I'm in the vicinity.

*Define "big city" as you see fit, I guess.
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I just finished watching the documentary 'Miss GULAG. I found it extremely moving and I loved the music too. Does anyone know where I can find music like that? Or the names of some groups/singers that I can look up? Here's the website for the documentary: http://www.missgulag.com/index.htm. I don't know anything about Russian/Siberian music, etc. Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

What did you have for dinner?

What non-fiction book are you currently reading? Are you enjoying it? I'm reading Jerusalem: The Biography by Simon Sebag Montefiore. I'm really enjoying it. I'm up to the part about the Fatimids.

Poop question

So, my boyfriend's roommate is rather uhh.. eccentric . And likes to be naked all of the time, to the point where he uploads naked pictures of himself on Facebook just to see when it will be taken down. I dont really care about that aspect, just because it is amusing sometimes and it is a running joke with my friends on when this guy will show up naked next. Now, my boyfriend's roommate and I haven't always gotten along the best, but he's seemed to be opening up to me lately.

Well, I stayed over my boyfriend's new apartment and walked over to the bathroom, to see his roommate pooping and smiling at me on the toilet. I screamed and went to my boyfriend's room, who told me " oh yeah, that happens." There were several other people over in the house, so his roommate knew anyone could see it happen.

Well I can't get it out of my head. I have a thing about seeing people do bodily functions and reallyyyy don't like seeing people use the bathroom. I'm now very anxious about going to my boyfriends house, since apparently this happens on a regular basis. My boyfriend lived on a different floor from him last year, so I never had to experience this before.

I had a drunk conversation with boyfriend about it, who told me telling him to stop would probably not change anything. Is it crossing a line to ask him to have a more serious conversation about it? I mean, I get that it is the guys house, but I shouldn't have to see him naked if I don't want to -_-. It was almost like he wanted people to walk in.

Or am I just overreacting ?

DKDC - who sees you poop?