February 16th, 2014


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I'm tired. Are you tired? What are you tired of?

some one coming out as gay everyday
the Olympics
talk shows
Jimmy Fallon
the news
working out
YOU haji...just give me a break
OTHER in comments
i can't be bothered...go away
the Oscars...pfft

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You are being forced to get married. Which of these attributes would you comfortable accepting in your mate FOR LIFE?

marrying outside your race
marrying someone from a different culture/language
marrying someone outside your religious beliefs
marrying some one who doesn't share your political ideologies
someone who doesn't watch TV
marrying someone who smokes
marrying someone who does recreational drugs
marrying amember of law enforcement
marrying someone who is missing a leg
marrying someone who already has children
marrying someone who has been convicted of a felony
marrying a porn/sex addict
marrying someone twice your age
marrying someone who is opposite your food choices (vegan/non-vegan)
marrying a Kardashian
stock ;; nyc cab

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TQC, I need halp. I live with an awful roommate. She is never quiet. NEVER. She is constantly screaming into her phone everywhere in the apartment. She would steal my clothes (when I went to the bathroom and would leave my bedroom door open so now I shut it which is ridiculous to know I have to shut my door for 2 minutes while I go pee), she stole food until I got a fridge in my room (illegally, since residence wouldn't give me one since they ran out but I needed one). She steals toilet paper from my bathroom (our apartment has two bathrooms), toothpaste, and basically all my shower shit so everything I have to keep in my bedroom locked. She never pees with the door shut and wears pants/underwear so she flashes her hairy box more than a porno. And whenever I'm in the kitchen or just in my room with the door open she just fucking stares at me. Like comes as close as she can and just fucking stares at me. She leaves food rotting on our counter for days, as well as dishes.

We have complained to our RA, and the head of the residence person multiple times now about it. We've tried to mediate and set ground rules but nothing sticks. Now the RA and head of residence lady are telling us there is nothing that they can do. They've tried to talk to her but she doesn't listen so there's no point in them being involved anymore. WHAT THE HELL. Maybe its your job.

TQC, who can we go to about this so something is done? Should I start leaving my bedroom door open again when I go pee so she steals my clothes and I call the police? I seriously fucking cannot stand her, but I refuse to be the one who moves out when I'm not the one being a fucking ass hole.

Active LJ Communities

Hey TQC!

I'm having a hard time finding active, fun, LJ communities (like this one). I absolutely love reading and commenting and interacting on LJ and I'm finding it difficult to do recently with all the inactive communities out there.

What are your favourite active LJ Communities that you could recommend?

(Thanks in advance!)

Mental health help

A friend of mine needs to get some mental health help but is absolutely broke and has no health insurance. He is 28, is enrolled in full time school, and lives in the Cleveland Ohio area. He is suffering from a really bad case of depression and anxiety. I was wondering if anyone here has ideas on where he can get free (or very cheap) help, preferably someone who can prescribe him medication. He used to be on antidepressants but was taken off because he couldn't afford them anymore. Thanks.

ETA: His college does not offer mental health services, only general preventative care.
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I wish it could be Christmas all year long, not

Anything inside/outside your house leftover from the winter holidays that you haven't bothered to put away?

We took down everything on New Year's Day but I forgot to pack up this white ceramic glowing tree thingy I have from Ikea. It's a lamp and I haven't turned it on since then but I haven't put it away either. I just keep walking by it and thinking, I should put that away.

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I want a best friend. Of course, my husband is, but I want a bestie. Every girlfriend I have has one of their own and it seems like I'm the only one that doesn't.

So which one of you wants to be my best friend? .... Please? Must be funny (dry sense of humor), easy listener and is willing to be referred to as such.