February 11th, 2014

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I work overseas and get home 2-3 times a year.
I'm informing mrs h if my next travel dates will conflict with anything on her calendar.
Before I confirm the dates with my employer she wants me to "wait" until the end of the month to "figure a few things out"


Giving birth

I'm due in 5 days and an wondering about people's experiences. Primarily:
- did you have a doctor or a midwife?
- did you deliver at home or in a hospital?
- did you use an epidural or not?
- was your first child early or late? (just for my sanitys sake.. Tell me they were all early!)

Any opinions on any of the first three questions?

If you haven't given birth, what are your thoughts on the first three questions?

Spelling Contest

What would you do for 7 figures?

Which of these would you agree to for $1,000,000?

You must get a tattoo of each of the 7 dwarves from Snow White. Each dwarf tattoo must be 8 inches high. You decide where to put them. You cannot have them removed, or else you return the money
Your sex drive goes up 50%. You want it 50% more often now. You'll think about it waaay more often, masturbate twice a day, and constantly crave it. This is ongoing
You can own no pets for the rest of your life, nor live in any household where there are pets
Become a Scientologist. All the money requested will be covered, for audits and whatnot. Almost all your friends and family will know where you spend your free time
Whenever you hear a song from the 70s, you'd burst into tears and start sobbing uncontrollaby for no reason. Even you don't know, but you can't help it
Go streaking at the nearest pro football/soccer game. Bare ass with nothing over your face. All your legal troubles will be taken care of
Get two of your teeth replaced with vampire fangs. These have to remain, or else you return the money. And longish fangs, the kind that protrude when your mouth is closed
Whenever you drink alcohol of any kind, anything more than a sip, you become a belligerent, violent drunk, and get confrontational
Report any of your friends who are doing something illegal, like smoke pot or have unpaid parking tickets. Anonymously tell on them all
You'll work a glory hole at a local swinger's club for 6 hours. Whatever body part gets inserted, you have to give service to
Remove the evidence so that two accused meth dealers walks free.
There's a man on death row, scheduled to be executed next week. No more appeals. You have to shoot him fatally with a gun while he's behind bars, begging otherwise. You won't get caught
For the rest of your life, you can only watch movies that were made after 2010.
Your bowel movements are 10% smaller, as you retain that much more of the food you eat. You'll have that much more difficulty keeping the weight off
For the next year, you'll have to travel everywhere by rickshaw. You'll have your own personal vehicle and bicyclist
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If your apartment building elevator is broken, what's the appropriate course of action in your opinion - call about it, send a letter / email about it, deal with it?

Don't know / don't care - best kind of milkshake?

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Why is it so damn impossible to watch something like the Olympics without cable television? Does anyone know where I can stream it online? I've missed so much already because I don't have TV or cable. Someone please help!
What Bus Driver?

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Have you ever broken up with a friend because you no longer enjoyed hanging out with them? (As opposed to a falling out over a disagreement or sumthin.) How did you 'break up' with them? How did they take it?

I feel badly because I have a friend who cares about me enormously, but we are SO different and are complete opposites in some of the worst ways. Every time we hang out, he just gets on my nerves. And then he probably picks up on that, which I presume leads to this weird self-consciousness that he gets. Not good for either of us, and yet, he still wants to see me a lot. Is there any not-horrible way of telling someone you don't want to hang out with them anymore? D:
kakashi ftw

Dat Cupid Day

Would you find "roses" (red-foiled condoms arranged to look like roses) offensive to give to women? What so you think is the meaning behind it? Be as simple/complicated as you wish.

Inspired by many conservative churches' responses in my area that will hand out real roses with notes of "You have inherent dignity and are worth waiting for!" on V-Day because they "won't stand seeing women given condoms and being told they're 'loved.'"

...IMO I'm gonna get both. Lol.

DK/DC What is your weekend morning routine?

Additional note – the rubber roses are for National Condom Week recognition and a student org is providing them for anyone who wants them this week.