February 10th, 2014

wintry wonder women

personal website question

My husband and I recently worked together to make a new web portal for my etsy shop and blog. We had a smidge of a disagreement when it came to the wording of one part.

Would you take a look at the site and give me your opinion on this specific part?

Here it is.

My thought was to have the red bird say, "Click here for awesome handmade goods!"

He disagreed and told me that people will know to click and by typing "click here...", it will be in a way redundant and un-necessary.

What say you? Would the average web user know to click if it doesn't say click?

(If you're looking at this on a mobile device, it might look wonky, we're still working on that)

Thank you for your input!

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Was supposed to get my impacted wisdom teeth taken out today to alleviate jaw cracking/pain, but after researching I'm now skeptical that my wisdom teeth are the issue. I'm concerned that the dentist didn't ask me to describe my pain and immediately told me my issues were 100% caused by my wisdom teeth. Anyone have similar experiences?

Child Porn

How much jail time should a perp charged with distribution of child pornography get?

What if I told you the child is 16 years old?

What if I told you that the accused distributor is also 16 years old?

How much time should the 16 year old perp spend in jail once you know that the lewd unclothed picture she tweeted was a selfie?



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What's the best way to communicate to a guy that he doesn't need to feel nervous around you?
Ive been acquaintances with this guy for over a year and we recently started dating. He's opened up to me about a lot of things in his past already, like his dad dying when he was 14 & his wife cheating on him while he was in the military, so I understand why he's a little quieter than most guys I usually go for. But it's been bothering me that it feels like he doesn't feel fully comfortable around me as I am with him when we hang out. I think may be nerves still because he's really into me. But my question is how can I tell him he doesn't need to be without crushing his ego or embarrassing him??
kara walker

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We're in the process of adopting an adorable, sweet, warm & cuddly rescue dog. She is ~2 years old, and got picked up as a stray off the streets of Chicago. We can't be sure about her past or her breed, but we suspect she is a basset hound/mastiff mix.

We've had her almost two weeks, and while she is adjusting wonderfully to our home, we are having a lot of problems

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My question, TQC, is whether or not it's time to hire a trainer? Or if there is a training method I should be trying that I'm not?

I'm posting this here because I haven't found what I've been looking for doing research on my own or going to dog forums -- I'm hoping someone with experience training dogs can help me out.

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So, I just got a work study at a circus, and will be doing a lot of desk time. What's a good place to find an amazing tea mug/tumbler that I can carry around and be a chic intern? I'd want to be able to make it multifunctional, like for coffee and soup. Any ideas?

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Will you tell me about a time you felt bad for laughing at something but you just couldn't help it?

Inspired by my friend's cat getting stuck in wet cement while they're renovating their kitchen (she's totally fine now!). And that made me think of the time one of my high school classmates broke her chair and I couldn't stop laughing for the rest of class.

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Why does the item I want to order on amazon say "want to get it by wednesday, feb 12th order within the next 50 minutes and select 2 day shipping" but when I get to my cart with that item it's saying I can only get it by feb 14th? I refresh the item page and it still says "want to get it by wednesday, feb 12th order within the next 50 minutes and select 2 day shipping" but every time I go to order it it's still saying feb 14th.