February 9th, 2014

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TQC - I live in university dorm where two rooms share a bathroom but are otherwise separated. One of the girls from the other room has been getting huffy and going to the RA because my roommate and I keep the door to our room locked from the outside at all times. Are we being unreasonable because we feel that keeping it unlocked is unsafe and our school does have an issue with theft in the dorms and we don't want our things stolen, destroyed/messed with, or borrowed without permission?

(I roomed with the one girl before and had issues with her going through my things and treating my things like they were junk. I came back one weekend and I had a broken picture frame and my TV was sticky. She also left trash and her books and clothes on my desk and bed. So, I have my reasons for keeping it locked, my roommate just worries about theft and she doesn't know either girl.)

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how many unread e-mails do you leave in your work e-mail at night?

ZERO- i like my inbox CLEAN
5 or less-or else i can';t sleep
20- or less- then i worry all night
50 or less-more males me nervous
100 is cool
i don't have an emial inbox at work

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1. Why did this middle aged woman who smells like rotten oranges sit next to me on the bus when there are many other free double seats where she would not have to sit next to anyone? Does she not understand the rules of public transport? Are the rules only in my head? Why am I so annoyed?

Do you have any noteworthy (bad, good, funny, gross, etc...) public transport stories to share?

2. Have you ever had a feeling that someone was a creep or an asshole, without anything to back it up other than intuition, and you maybe even thought you were crazy, but then something happened to justify your feeling?

Business wear haaalp

TQC- I have a very important interview coming up and the dress code is strictly smart business wear. I was intending to wear a trouser suit but my dilemma is shoes! I have a bright tattoo covering the top of one of my feet so it needs to cover it - what would be appropriate? Pictures would help. Also, what colour shirt? It needs to be dark enough again to cover my multiple arm tattoos.

Dk/dc - last interview you had?
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I have to decide on the flavors for my wedding cake. This is a problem, because I love all cake! So, will you tell me your top 3 from the list below?

Poll #1955949 Pick my Wedding Cake

Pick your top 3 please!

Chocolate cake with oreo mousse filling
Vanilla cake with strawberry buttercream filling
Vanilla cake with raspberry buttercream filling
Chocolate cake with peanut butter mousse filling
Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese filling
Carrot Cake with cream cheese filling
Yellow butter cake with vanilla buttercream filling
Something else I'll tell you in comments