February 6th, 2014

owl art

Good stuffs.

I'm tired of hearing what's wrong in this world.

What is something good that happened to you? Today, this week, this month... What are you grateful for? What wouldn't you trade for the world?

Bonus: Tell me your favorite thing about yourself! It can be a personality trait, a hobby or even a physical trait.

My answers: I just transferred into a four year college after having received my Associate's. Making friends has been a bit difficult, but I made a new friend this week. Her name is Olivia, she wants to be an art teacher and she has a little black bunny named Luna. :)

Favorite thing about myself? I like that I'm straightforward with people when I need to be. I don't beat around the bush.

How do you make tough decisions?

TQC - I'm having a hard time making a big decision. I need to decide if stay here, or move back home?

In two months our lease ends and my long-term boyfriend and I are separating. For a long time I felt like he was the only thing keeping me here, and if we separated I'd move back to be closer to my family. Now that the decision's imminent, I'm starting to doubt moving home. I've been here for 6 years and I'm used to it. I have friends here and there are things I'd really miss. At the same time, moving home means I'll be closer to family, and aging parents. I know moving home will also help me move on (I started dating my BF when I moved here, so life with him is the only life I know out here).

I've always thought of here as temporary, but now I'm not so sure. Both options have really good and really bad things about them. I miss my family so it'd be great to be closer, but I'll really miss my hobby's scene out here (which doesn't exist at home).

Do you have any advice for making a life-changing decision? Thanks!

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Hey TQC,

I just adopted a new female cat. She's 5 years old, and her current name is Olga, which I'm not very fond of.

Her colouring is what's considered a "dilute tortie". She's mostly grey with bits of orange mixed in. We just picked her up this morning, and she's adjusting really well. She's already explored the place head to toe. She and my 7 year-old tuxedo male - Beamer - are chasing each other around the house as I post this. It's so heart-warming!

So TQC...what should I name my new furry friend?