February 5th, 2014


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Can you recommend a good, but fairly inexpensive stylus for a tablet?  

Additionally for those who use a tablet for illustration, which is what I want the stylus for, how hard do you find you need to push down? The stylus I bought won't make more than a few dots when I try to use it to draw a line and even if I push harder it doesn't do more, I'm returning it to the store tomorrow.
Chandler & The Drill

Changing dreams?

Have you ever had a dream about someone that changed how you think about that person in real life?

In the interests of full disclosure, I'll admit that several years ago I had a dream about Eminem that made me fancy him for a couple of years. I grew out of it though.

So, any stories?

DK/DC If you dream, do you usually enjoy dreaming? Do you ever have epic adventure dreams? Do you tend to dream about things you've experienced in RL? Do you have nightmares or not? Do you dream in colour or black and white?

Something Very Close To My Heart

If an entire class fails a test is it the teacher's fault or the fault of the students?
[My opinion]
It is absolutely the fault of the teacher. I might understand if a few students failed a test, but if the whole class fails the teacher did not set clear expectations of what was to be learned, they did not create lessons that engaged students, or they tested before the students were ready. These are all BAD practices.

I almost got into a fight with a peer last night (who is also studying to become a teacher) over this question.
Unnatural love

Yet another date poll

You're on a first date. You guys are hitting it off. There's a rapport. Then your date says something odd, which may make you seem him/her in a new way. Something that may make you ambivalent towards dating them, despite the fact the date is going really well. Which of these, if uttered by your date, would make you less enthusiastic about a second date? Anything you don't check, it's assumed that you could overlook the statement

'You watch tv? I'm sorry. chuckle. I haven't owned a tv in 7 years. I don't understand why people think it's so necessary'
'Reading? As in books? Lol. What, are you still in school? Nobody reads books anymore. Anything good they make into movies anyway'
'Right now, all I'm doing is just playing bass for this band. We have a couple shows lined up next month. I hope it takes off. That's all I got on my plate for now'
'I used to weight 400lbs. I was almost on the Biggest Loser, but I lost the weight on my own. This was 2 years ago. It's definitely a daily struggle avoiding temptation, lemme tell you'
'I got into a fight last week at the bar. I won. I got into a fight 3 weeks before that. I also won. And yet another fight a month before that. That one was a draw'
'No, I don't have a car. I bicycle everywhere. It's cheaper and better for the environment. I'll never own a car'
'This? No, I'm not married. This is a purity ring. Can't do the ol in-and-out. Hehehe. Promised I'd stay pure'
'I think Bigfoot is real. Too many sightings over the years. I can't wait til they catch one'
'I get anxiety sometimes, so I get prescribed pot. I smoke like 3 bowls a night. Wanna come over?'
'You're definitely not like my ex. That's a good thing. We were together for 5 years. Oh, we broke up last month. That bitch'
'A few years ago, I was a strong anti-abortionist. I used to picket clinics. Now, I've mellowed out and live and let live'
'You know, they charge an extra dollar to make a hamburger a cheeseburger. But I'm smart. I brought my own sliced cheese to put on it myself. Hah! Saved me an entire dollar! Want one?'
'I'm not for pedophilia in any way. It's fucked up, but I don't get why someone has to go to jail for years just for having the wrong kind of porn on their computer. They can't help who they're attracted to. It's just porn'
'I just don't get pets. Here's a different species that you're allowing to live in your home. Ridiculous. I don't know if I could take a pet owner seriously'
'I think Juggalos get a bad rap. They're ordinary, decent people the rest of the time. I'm not a Juggalo per se, but I'll go to a couple ICP concerts a year. In makeup'
Legally Blonde

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1.) I am a dog walker--I recently started walking this dog who is very jumpy, territorial, and suspicious of me. She will let me feed her treats and sometimes get close enough to lick my hand, but the second I reach out to put on her collar/leash she sprints away and growls. Every day I have "walked" her, I have just sat on the floor of her apartment for 30 minutes. What should I do?

2.) Have you ever lived in NYC? What neighborhood? What was your rent like? Any tips for finding a place and living there?

DK/DC: What song do you have on repeat right now?

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i ate really unhealthy beginning sunday through last night (we won the superbowl, don't judge me) and woke up this morning with a cold sore and weighed in 7 pounds heavier than i was on saturday.

when was your last "wtf" moment?

Facebook Etiquette

For those who have facebook:
Would you accept a friend request from your boss/employer?
Would you send a friend request to your boss/employer?
What about your employee? Parents? Teachers/lecturers?

I am a live-in nanny/au pair. I've been with this family less than a month and the mum of the family added me on facebook last night. I accepted but put her on my restricted list so she can only see public posts (only my profile picture and cover photo). Do you think she might be offended that I haven't let her see anything?
I think she's done the same to me so it should be fine right? Or is there another setting where I can filter what she sees? (I could only work out how to make posts in my timeline visible to "only me")
Why did she add me?
I haven't posted anything particularly negative about the family or anything I wouldn't mind her seeing, but still...
I've worked for two different families. The first both parents added me after I'd left (they didn't have facebook at the time) which is fine. They regularly comment on my posts, bit weird but no worries. The second the mum was always on facebook but she never mentioned adding me. That was definitely more of an employer/employee relationship so probably for the best.
I do have my parents on facebook, but no teachers. (Sad story: there were 3 people in total in my German class at school. My teacher added the other 2 girls after we left school. Guess who she didn't like?)
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What makes a good boss, in your opinion? What qualities must he/she possess?
Do you have a good boss now?
Have you ever had a really terrible one?
Do you enjoy where you work and what you do?

Job hunting

I had a two-month internship at a nonprofit a year and a half ago, and a few weeks ago I applied for this awesome part-time job at the same nonprofit. I would LOVE this job, but it's been a few weeks and according to the office manager, they are still deciding.

My father is insistent that I talk to the woman who was my supervisor during my internship and ask her to get me an interview spot. I am not sure of their process for hiring, but I feel hesitant for doing this. I've never had to go through this before, and I am a bit introverted, but would this be okay to do? My supervisor for my internship was in a different department than the job I have applied for, but it's a small enough nonprofit where they are basically all connected. I also already asked my supervisor to put in a good word for me a few weeks ago and she said no worries, so I don't want to be too much.

I do REALLY want this job, so I don't want to appear desperate or inappropriate.
What would be the right thing to do here?

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Have any of you baked cookies with almond flour/meal? I just made a batch of chocolate chip cookies that taste great, but are very crumbly. Is there anything I can do to make them more stable? I'd prefer to keep them grain free as I am sharing with someone with a gluten allergy.

Speaking of cookies, what kind should I make for my long distance SO for Valentine's day? They should be able to hold up in the mail for a couple of days. I was thinking red velvet chocolate chip but I am open to any ideas.

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I just died my hair a dark red with a permanent dye.

It didn't turn out as bright as I wanted.  The roots are good but everything else is a liiittle dark.  If I buy another box in a day or two and leave it on a little longer to brighten it up, would that be okay on my hair?  The box called for 25-30 minutes and I was thinking of leaving it on for 45 minutes to an hour.

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I'm so desperately bored i'm trying to play the Sims 3. I have it installed on my old mac but don't have the disk (old mac is also slower than a slow thing). Is there a way I can transfer the whole thing onto my new mac (and then figure out the disk problem after that? I'm trying to download it through Origin but my internet is painfully slow.

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1. Has anyone here read The Westing Game? What did you think of it? It was one of my favorite books as a child, and my intermediate-level ESL students are going to read it this semester (about which I'm super excited).

2. What are some books you read for school (elementary or otherwise) that you really enjoyed?

grr family

I have two half sisters from my father's first marriage. They are older, but we keep in touch through facebook and sometimes visit one another. Through my job, I can get a pretty sweet hotel deal to some hotspots in mexico, cabo, cancun, etc. This afternoon I sent them both a FB message asking if they would have any interest in going with me to one of these places, since the hotel would be totally free.
My eldest half sister sent a really snarky message back, saying 3 nights wasn't long enough for her to take a vacation. Like a "yeah right, you're dumb" message.
My feelings are hurt, because I thought of this for both of my sisters and thought it would be a good way to see one another (we live all across the US).
So I'm annoyed, and pissed. and I was suppose to go visit the angry sister next month, but now I don't want to. Am I being selfish or immature? Like, if you can't fly 6 hours for a free trip, why should I fly 5 hours to come visit you for two days?