February 3rd, 2014


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Has anyone ever dyed their hair an unnatural color?  Using a product such as Manic Panic?

I've been dying my hair on and off since I was a teen, and now I'm considering dying my hair a dark red by Manic Panic.  My hair is currently brown.

Any advice on the subject?

dk/dc: What is your favorite hair product?

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During an exercise with the fire dept today we used a hose dummy.
hose dummy= human victim stand-in made of old fire hoses. weighs about 150 pounds.
the name of the hose dummy? JOSE, the eternal victim.

Is calling a hose dummy "JOSE" racist??

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Please help me, TQC! What are some good things to eat when your mouth is sore as shit and chewing hurts? I've got a very angry wisdom tooth right now and haven't been able to eat anything without intense pain. I'm looking for something nutritious (not just jello or pudding) and relatively neutral temperature-wise.

Any other tips to make this better?

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Is there a secular version of 'god bless' like if I want to say 'this person should be rewarded in life for the great stuff they do' without actually writing out that entire phrase?
For example 'God bless Andreas Deja for his blog posts' would translate to...?
Augustus Gloop

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I'd like to make some desserts in a kitchen that has a stovetop and microwave, but no working oven. Got recipes?

There are the usual pots and pans and measuring devices, plus a hand-held mixer.

hannibal skull

The best of Max questions

Do you have a pet kangaroo?
Do you like chocolate hotdogs?
Have you ever been hang gliding?
Have you ever been a communist?
Have you ever been attacked by a crow or similar large bird?
Can you speed-read?
Do you like the word "cumquat"?
Do you have a favourite-sounding word?

Hair Cuts

Hi, hair people of TQC.

I'm going to boot camp in 28 days. The Navy requires all recruits to cut their hair. Females have to have their hair cut above the collar in the back. What hair cut that's not an a-line type cut do you think will look okay with my face? While I know boot camp isn't going to be some beauty contest and I know all of us will look like ass, I would like a hair cut that won't poof out when it's short and when it air dries; mine is super wavy and not nice when it's short if I don't fix it, and we're not allowed to have any hair products/electronics. My hair is currently long and goes to the small of my back.

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TQC, where shall I go on holiday in the summer? I live in London - so all of Europe is pretty accessible. Boyfriend did Italy quite extensively last summer so mainland Italy is probably out (shame :() and I've done mainland Greece too much. We don't have a huge budget, but anywhere in Europe can be done fairly cheaply. We would like beaches, stuff to do (touristy historical etc.) and great food! Any ideas?

Dk/dc - where was your favourite holiday?