January 30th, 2014


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As some of you know, I am going on a long trip this summer. One of the reasons I travel is for photography - I am strictly an amateur, but it's my favorite part - and I have been thinking about whether or not I should upgrade my camera.

My current camera works fine, minus the missing lens cap, but it's a five year old model and according to http://snapsort.com/compare/Canon-PowerShot-SX50-HS-vs-Canon_PowerShot_SX20_IS , it would be a considerable upgrade.

I don't really take enough photographs to justify an investment in an SLR, nor do I want to have to carry multiple lenses with me.

So, what do you think? Should I upgrade or just stick with the one I have? Is there a particular camera you recommend?

Dk/dc: broncos or Seahawks?

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Are there any apps that will let me upload videos to Vine?

Don't know/don't care: will you tell us about something spooky and unexplainable that has happened to you (or someone you know)?
Cat: Celeste and Clooney

Pet Sitters

Has anyone ever used a pet sitter before? A person who visits your house once a day and makes sure your pets are safe and fed and plays with them for a while when you are on vacation.

We are going away for two weeks in June and we used to have a friend who would house-sit and look after our cats but she's moved away so now we are trying to find a solution that will not involve kenneling our cats.

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What was your good deed of the day/week/month?

I was shopping for clothes and bought a skirt and a wallet. I didn't pay much attention to the final price displayed and went off to another shop. But then I checked the receipt and saw that the register failed to scan the wallet. I had an internal struggle for 5 seconds but went back and told the cashier that my wallet had not been rung up and paid her in full.
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I'm doing a presentation of controversial art for some kids at our humanist Sunday school. Can you think of examples of artistic endeavors that were considered controversial at the time, or still are in some circles, but modern, non-religious kids and their parents would find them fairly innocuous? I mean art in the broadest sense, including music, literature, poetry, etc. Some of our current examples are The Lorax, If I Had a Hammer, and the painting Christ in the House of His Parents.

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What'd you eat today? What could you have done better about your food choices today?

I missed breakfast.
For lunch I had a sandwich with leftover roast beef that I had made and some tortilla chips.
For dinner I had a cod sandwich and sweet potato fries.
And for dessert I had a graze packet.

I should have added some fruits/veggies somewhere.

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Im thinking about upgrading my phone come bonus time (in March).

Im with Virgin Mobile and the phones available, not including the iphones, are here :


I currently have the Optimus Elite and like it well enough, my only complaints are that it cant handle too many apps and I would like a wee bit more screen room for fat fingers that hate not having an onboard keyboard.

What would you get?


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Are any of you attending the Frozen sing-along? If you've been to a sing-along before, what are they like?

dk/dc: Can you recommend any Etsy shops? I like jewelry, cupcakes/zombies, Paris, but I'm open to unique things!