January 29th, 2014

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another weather question...

TQC, I manage a beauty supply store in south Atlanta. We're in a Snowmageddon situation, where all roads are pretty much covered in ice...there's no way to drive in this safely. Worse, my driveway is uphill, as is most of my neighborhood. My boss told us to close the store early yesterday, but to open this morning at regular time unless absolutely necessary. I clearly cannot get to the store this morning, and I don't feel comfortable asking any of my girls...what should I do?

FWIW, the news is saying STAY HOME, unless you absolutely must, and then wait until 10 AM. She has not communicated with me at all, the store closing/late opening announcement came from a chain of communication from another store in my district. What do I do?!
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Does anyone use one of those "space saving" spice racks in their kitchen? I'm in the market for one, but I can't seem to find one that fits what I'm looking for. I don't want one that I have to screw in or otherwise mount since I'm in an apartment and don't want to damage anything. I'd also rather not get one that comes with its own containers of spices, since I already have a ton and I don't want to waste what I already have. The "swivel & store" is the only one I've found that would fit what I'm looking for, but the reviews are definitely mixed. Anyone have other suggestions, or have a "swivel & store" and like it?
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Quick dry nail top coat

I was watching a nail video on youtube a couple weeks ago, and this girl pulled out a top coat that she basically just dropped onto her nail. Like, she didn't brush it on at all, just dropped it on and I guess it spread out? What was that?! I want to try it, but I cant find the video again.

If you have a favorite top coat, what is it? I'm using an OPI top coat right now, and I feel so-so about it.


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So I got a call from SallieMae and that's when it hit me that I forgot to pay my loan for this month. So I checked the site and they are already billing for next month as well, do you think if I just pay the amount for this month atm, and then pay the amount for next month, on the 13th (2 days after it's due) it will be ok? I can't afford to pay the two months combined right now.

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getting married in june
my parents are paying for all of it

so far I have been super flexible with what my mom would like to do, such as flower arrangements, some aspects of the invitation, the food, etc.  I'm not super bride-y  so I just try to go with the flow because she's paying and I want her happy....and I don't care too much about a lot of it.

 I need some advice on two issues.

1: the guest list- she wants me to cut down the guest list even more. I feel like right now it's cut pretty far, or else I exclude some close friends. She wants me to include family that I don't like, and we are also including about 20 of her and my dad's friends (I know and like them all, they're great). I told her at this point I feel like the only people that could go are the relatives I don't like, and/or some of her friends. I told her that and she got suuuuper upset and basically hung up on me which is very out of character for her. What should I do? I'm want to stand up for myself but I feel guilty since they're paying


My mom wants the officiant to be someone who does weddings frequently or has in the past. FH wants it to be one of the guests so it's not a stranger (he has not narrowed it down... That's a whole different issue). We are not religious so we have no one to ask, not do we want it to be religious in any way. Help??

We never fight and it's really weird to be doing so :( what do I dooooo?

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My roommate/BFF is moving to Israel in the fall to teach English for ten months. I want to start compiling a box of things to remind her of home and me and our life. So far I have: maple syrup, photos of us, photos of our cats. We're both from New England and currently live in Ohio, she is a grad student in theater. What else can I add to the box?