January 27th, 2014

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Last Wednesday evening, I received an email from a hiring manager saying that he'd like to set up a phone interview to take place this week. I didn't see the email until Thursday morning, so I replied around 11am giving him the times that would work best for me. Today is Monday, the week that the phone interviews are to take place. I still have no heard from him.

Do I just leave it and keep waiting? If not, when is an appropriate time to send a checking-in email to ask if the interview is still happening this week?

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So I need advice. There is a guy I work with who I am somewhat interested in and it seems like he might be interested in me too. Yesterday at work he invited me and some of my work friends to go to this restaurant/bar that his friend owns tonight and said he would buy us a round of drinks. Now all my friends want to skip out and go to a different restaurant instead but I still really want to meet up with him, I just get anxiety over going places alone. So now I'm trying to decide if I should go with my friends to the other place or go meet up with this guy by myself. What would you do? I also don't have his phone number so texting him first is not an option.

ETA: I ended up going to meet him alone and had a really good time, thanks to all who responded and suggested I go!

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If you were about to receive a "50% off your next purchase" coupon to any one store or online retailer (no ebay, amazon, etsy etc.) of your choice, good for a year, where would you ask the coupon to be for?

If you were going to get a free year-long membership to any establishment/service that offers or requires paid memberships (gym, costco, museums, NRA, etc), what would you choose your new membership to be for?


You're at a baseball game with a friend. During the 7th inning stretch, they do the 'kiss cam' on the jumbotron. They aim the camera at a couple in the stands, and they're expected to kiss, and they always do. Suddenly, the camera focuses on you, and the person you're seated next to, who's a complete stranger. The stranger is attractive and of the opposite sex. Awkward tension arises as you both look at each other, confused what to do. The camera keeps locked on the two of you, and you hear in the stands 'KISS KISS KISS'. It's now been 30 seconds and the camera is still on you, and the crescendo of chants gets louder. What do you do?

Lean over and kiss the stranger. It means nothing, and I apoligize later
Same as above, except I try and get a date out of it
Screw the audience. I do nothing.
Panic and flee to the bathroom. This is too much
Smile, and turn the other way and kiss my friend
Give the middle finger to the camera

You're dating someone new. It's a month into the relationship. You're both at a fancy restaurant, and you get a bottle of wine. During the meal, you pour the contents of the first glass down your throat, when something slides into your mouth. Perplexed, you pull it out. It's a pretty engagement ring. Once you're holding it in your hand, your date stands up and bends on one knee in front of you. You hear people gasp, as the whole restaurant is now looking at you. Your date asks 'Will you marry me?' It's only been a month, and while you like this person, you know you don't love him/her yet. What do you do?

Politely thank him/her, but say that it's too soon and you're not ready yet. Return the ring
Stand up, embarrassed as hell, and run to the restroom
Accept for the crowd's sake, but later, break off the engagement in the car ride home
Burst out laughing. Remind him/her that it's only been a month, and how absurd this is. Make light of the whole thing. Try and get your date to realize this was a bad idea, without you having to actually say no
Not only do you say no to your date in front of all these gawking people, but you break up with your date as well, with an audience

You're dating someone new. It's only been two dates. One weekday morning, you're awakened by loud music coming from your window, at 5am. It's a Bryan Adams song. Groggy, you walk to the window. It's the person you've been dating, holding a boombox over his/her head, just like in Say Anything, looking up at your window. The music is blaring at a high volume, and your date has a lovestruck, pleading look on his/her face. How do you respond?

Invite him/her inside. So sweet a gesture. We do something romantic
Invite him/her inside. Once inside, I break up with them on the spot. Fucking crazy person
Thank them politely, but say that you need your sleep, and they should call you later. You're touched by the gesture, but you just can't deal with it now
Throw heavy objects at this person, trying to stop the music and drive him/her off
Scream, cuss and threaten this person until they leave
Go rushing outside to manually turn off the boombox yourself. Give him/her a kiss and thank them
Same as above, except instead of a kiss, it's a shove against the car and an order to get the hell off my street
I'd have pretended to be asleep and not made my presence known, in the hopes that the other person give up and leave

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Inspired by the previous questions, has anyone ever performed some would-be romantic gesture for you which backfired? Or have you ever tried to do something romantic, only to have it taken badly?
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DK/DC; I'm going to the mall later, and I probably don't really need to go shopping other than for the few things on my list (a prescription, some golden syrup). What else will I end up accidentally buying?

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Where do you think is the line between complaining that someone looks 'trashy' (when dressed in revealing clothing) and shaming them for wearing very little clothing and/or being sexual? Can you think that someone looks like a mess and is crossing lines with the way their bits are showing without... being called a slut-shamer? (though I don't like that word - just because someone dresses in a sexual way doesn't make them a slut, for better or worse meanings of the word)