January 23rd, 2014

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Working Independently

So I'm currently doing the last part of taught Masters Degree. This dissertation, which is an independent research projected. I saying currently 'doing', what I mean is getting no where with, and procrastinating a hell of a lot, watching internet videos, watching tv tropes. That kind of thing.

So I'm asking
-how good are you at working independently?
-how do you manage it?
-if you're not naturally good it, do you have any tips for forcing yourself to do it?

SyFy's Opposite Worlds

Has anyone watched this reality show yet?

Have do you think?

I think it's a trainwreck and can only lead to hilarity. It's awesome in it's lack of foresight and poorly thought out challenges. I surmise that each week, the show will get more desperate to maintain control due to the game getting out of hand.

Below the cut is my feedback
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I am new to this whole "living with employed partner" thing. So yeah. My partner got a job this Monday and he's pretty slack at communicating via the phone whereas I am pretty anxious about these type of things. We've been together for a year and 4 months, where about a year of that was long distance, so I know his lack of phone communication is nothing personal by now, but it still bugs the hell out of me. I told him to tell me when he would be late for work, especially on the nights I'm making dinner so I know when to cook and so that I don't freak out that he's dead or something.

Tonight he texted me he is going to be late. He's about an hour later than usual at this point. I have no idea what "late" is.

What kind of conversation did you have with your partner about this sort of thing? Should I be irked that he didn't specify? Should I have a more detailed conversation about that or would I then just be looked at being super needy and prying.

It should be noted that I'm currently unemployed, but I am volunteering, applying for jobs and schools, and writing in my free time. I also spent the ENTIRE day househunting for US, which is really stressful and he didn't rely to any of my questions concerning this during the day. This irks me too.

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hide and seek

Do you have friends (IRL or online) who stop communicating for days/weeks/months and then suddenly reappear and pick back up like you were never out of touch with them? If so, are you cool with that? Or are you that friend and if so, why do you do that?

Inspired by a few of my friends who do this...we talk/text/email daily and then suddenly they just stop responding to emails/texts.

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Have you ever found a book listed on bookcrossing?
Have you ever listed one yourself?
Where do you get most of your books?

I haven't, but I have left a book and listed it on bookcrossing.
I use bookmooch to get most of my books. I order the rest on amazon.
Chandler & The Drill

Cooking disasters / cooking fires?

Recent post made me think of this. Ever started a fire through cooking? If so, did you manage to put it out? (I mean, I presume it's not still burning, but tell the story?)

Do you have a fire extinguisher and/or fire blanket in your kitchen?

Any words of wisdom regarding kitchen safety? The only one I always remember is never to put water on hot oil, and that was only because I watched a random terrifying youtube. Thanks, school HE. You certainly taught me how to make a shitty fruit salad and that I'd be fined 20p if I forgot my apron.

(My worst one was in my last year of uni. Thought I'd try to cook a steak - not sure what I did wrong exactly other than I probably had the heat too high with too narrow a pan and too much oil, and the whole pan caught fire. The flames were pretty much confined to the pan but up to the ceiling by the time I noticed. I ran a tea-towel under the tap, wrung it out, and tried to place it over the pan rather than throwing it. Amazingly, it worked. My fingers got singed, but that was it. I still wonder what might've happened if I'd tried to turn off the power first. Or is that what you're supposed to do? And I still don't own a fire extinguisher or fire blanket. Hmm.)