January 20th, 2014

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Worst-case scenario checklist

Poll #1952776 The art of offense...

You went over to meet and have dinner with your new SO's parents. Everything went wrong- You discovered your SO is actually not your type at all, thei family has 'dysfunctional' painted in bright red all over them, and you're questioning whether or not they were legitimately trying to poison you with intent during dinner. How do you extract yourself from the situation in a way that makes sure you'll never go here again?

Bye, wasn't dinner grand! It reminded me of cleaning up, last time my dog got diarrhoea!
Goodnight SoandSo family, I can tell how much work you put into ruining this so I've gotta run, fast! The salmonella wa DE-LISH!
Mr&Mrs So and So, if I'd gotten a faulty model, I would have taken it back but you... seem to have made things work! Goodnight!
I'm speechless. I don't know what to say. For a start, the food was... Secondly, your hospitality was un... Also I feel so much mmm... ...knowing my partner grew up in such ahhhhhhh... family. Gotta RUN!
Gee thanks, this went off like a dream. The kind I wake up terrified after, but quickly forget. We might be doing this again soon, unfortunately.

To add emphasis to your statement with gestures and expressions, you'd also add-

An insidious wink
Flapping arms
Gritted and bared teeth
Eyes rolling into the back of your head
A Bronx Cheer or two... or three

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Have you ever won an online giveaway? What was it?

I just won a cat tree and I'm super excited about it. Before this I've also won a water fountain for my cat and an Indian cookbook.
benson and stabler

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My neighbors let their asshole cats roam everywhere, and one of them just came into my fenced-in yard and scratched my dog (on his nose, if that makes a difference). It drew some blood but doesn't look very deep at all. He seems fine, aside from being pissed that we dragged him inside and the cat's still out there. How concerned should I be? Is this worth calling the vet over?

Edit: Thanks for the reassurances, guys. It turned out he was due for a monthly appointment anyway so the vet was able to squeeze us in tonight, and while we were there they checked the scratch and said it was fine. We were pretty sure it was nbd, but we've never had anything like this happen before so it was good just to have the peace of mind knowing the vet's seen it.
Chandler & The Drill

Eye Surgery

Has anyone here with astigmatism had laser eye surgery? Is it even possible with astigmatism? I am so tired of having to put my glasses on in order to get up and function. I've tried various types of contact lenses all my life but my eyes can't deal with the lack of oxygen, even with gas permeable lenses.

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Do you ever take left overs for lunch (to work/school/etc)?
I was once super against this-but my new work has a kitchen, which I have never really had before (just a table to sit at).
Not having the option to heat things up is always disappointing.

If you are in a rush, and don't have money to eat out, what do you bring?
I have brought bread to make toast for lunch-with some jam. :)