January 18th, 2014

Random Game

What was the most random/funniest game you played with someone?

Mine is when I walk around with a die in my hand (making sure no one see's it) come up to someone and ask "come up with a number between 0 and  7" they tell me, I shake the die in my hand than look at it.  If it's the number I say "Congratulations, you won the thought of winning a random game" than just walk away, if it's not than I say "nope, you lose" than walk away.
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(no subject)

Any recommendations for a text editor for HTML/XML/CSS/JS/PHP/etc coding that has options to color code areas and has numbered lines and nothing else?

I'm still using text edit but thought color-coding might make cleaning up code faster.

EDIT: Thanks for the replies, going with Notepad++!

Also, too many variants of "code" in this post, now it sounds funny.

If not, what are some other little programs, apps, or browser add-ons that you find useful? I use "Too Many Tabs" to put tons of tabs in rows beneath each other instead of scrolling left and right constantly and it's been super handy. If you combine it with Colorful Tabs (didn't used to let you choose tab colors but does now) it making a lot of back-and-forth work in one window go a lot faster.

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What was for breakfast today?
I had a crepe that had shrimp, green onions, and mushrooms in it.

Do you generally eat breakfast?
I try to have a bowl of cereal during the week, but sometimes I don't. On the weekends I like more extravagant breakfasts.

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I'm addicted to coke/sprite/fanta and it flows far too freely at work. A lot of the time I find myself drinking it for an energy boost/to cover my hunger (however much I eat it only lasts so long during a long shift in a restaurant). There's obviously just the fact that it tastes better than water. It's affecting my skin and I don't even want to know what it's doing to my insides.
How can I kick this addiction? I've tried going cold turkey but it's just too tempting.

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Comcast Xfnity sent a new modem to my aunt and I'm setting it up. Do I have to use all the new wires/cables or can I still use the old ones? It seems to work with the old ones. I don't know if the new one is better or just newer. I just don't wanna move furniture around because the cable is long and goes around the room and tacked to the carpet. So can I be lazy on this one?

Thanks, everyone!
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(no subject)

I know we've all got our pet peeves when it comes to dating and romance, but what do you have that's the opposite of a pet peeve? What traits are you unusually tolerant about in a romantic partner? Social awkwardness? Out of shape? Stagnant career? Obsession with sports? Fashion victim?
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What is a low fat (or "improved") dietary food that's awful?
My vote is low fat peanut butter, never tasted a good one.

One that isn't awful?
I've found most lower fat and lower salt potato chips to be decent.
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Saturday night fake Mexican food poll

Poll #1952673 Om nom nom

Which "Mexican grill" restaurant do you prefer?

I don't like any of these
I have never eaten at any of these

Why do you prefer the one you do?

They have toppings that the others don't
They have better/fresher meat/other ingredients
They have the best bang for your buck
They have the best chips

If you said "other," why do you prefer the one you do?

This is totally for scientific purposes and not at all to settle a debate between me and my boyfriend or anything...
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get ear piercing redone after many years?

So, I'm almost 50 now and I had my ears pierced when I was 12. My parents insisted that I have it done by this traveling clinic with a supposed RN doing the piercing. The holes are uneven--the left one is too low/too close to the bottom edge of the earlobe, so it has always been a little odd. Although the holes don't appear stretched or weird to me, my daughter says even lightweight wires pull on the holes and look weird. (I won't wear heavy earrings because the left piercing is too low and I think it looks creepy if the wire/hook pulls on it.) I also have a second piercing on the right ear that's partially closed, and I was already planning to go to a decent piercing guy in town and have that one redone. Would it make sense to do the other original piercings again as well? The left one he can do slightly above the wrong/off-center original piercing, but what (if anything) can he do about the right one; should I just leave that one alone?