January 15th, 2014

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Indian Shawl

Does anyone know about the significance of shawls in the Indian culture? My husband's coworker's wife sent one to me from India with a note that said that the design was special to her region. I was wondering if there is a meaning behind the shawl in relation to birth or motherhood or something which is why I think she sent it. My husband said that his coworker told him firmly that this was a gift from woman to woman, from his wife to me. Totally curious about what it all means. It's a beautiful gift.
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Good Things!

What are some good things that have happened for you lately, tqc?

I have a date on Saturday and I'm feeling pretty good about it, even if I'm a bit of an amateur at this dating thing.
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My husband and I have started buying 5 dozen eggs from Costco instead of the cartons of 12 or 18 from the grocery store.  We've been doing pretty well at eating them in a timely manner, but I'm looking for new ideas.


How do you like your eggs?

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Your SO (or hypothetical SO, or very close friend) confesses that they are dealing with a serious issue/problem right now. Which problem would WORRY you most?

They owe a large sum of money to shady mob type people, and are now being threatened with physical violence
After having a serious talk with some visiting Jehovah's Witnesses, they had a crisis of faith and are now seriously considering converting.
There is a warrant out for their arrest, and the charge is pretty serious.
They have a stalker, they have been hiding the stalking so as not to worry you, but recently it has escalated noticeably
They have recently developed an increasingly severe case of agorophobia
They think they have a problem with alcohol and/or substance abuse that's gotten worse lately
They got themselves fired in a way that will likely make it difficult to find similar employment in the future
They are about to get sued for professional misconduct in current or former job
They haven't felt any interest in sex (in general not just with you)for months, have been faking it, and can't do it anymore.
They think they may have accidentally killed someone and don't know what to do
They witnessed a serious crime, but were also seen my the perpetrator(s) and are concerned about sharing thier info with the cops
Someone has stolen their identity and wreaked havoc with thier credit and finances
They have a serious medical issue but feel too embarassed to go to the doctor.

EDIT: Apologies for all the spelling errors. Spell check doesn't work in polls and I am somewhat sleep deprived.

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What do you think about people casually using the word retard/ed to describe something/somebody they find stupid or annoying etc?
My best friend does it and I find it rather annoying, it doesn't enrage me or anything but I don't get why he does it and doesn't see anything wrong with it because she's intelligent, well educated.
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I'm going to New York City for the first time tomorrow! Any "must" places to visit?

Also, how's the weather? It's only a 4 day trip and I was planning on only bringing one puffy jacket and a coat (over many layers of course). Would that be enough?
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Can someone explain car selfies to me?

Like, what compels people to take pictures of themselves in their cars, of all places (especially when the person is in the driver's seat)?

I'm not really one to take pictures of myself, but I get why people do it. What I don't get is why in your car??

Blog name!

Hi TQC! I am feeling much better after quitting my job on Monday. Thanks for all your support.

To keep myself busy during my job hunt, and to help build a portfolio to support what I actually want to do (museum education), I want to start a blog that collects arts and museum education resources for content area teachers. For example, I would make a post about a particular creative writing project, or how a museum exhibit relates to a novel commonly read in school, or relatinga piece of art to a science topic. I'm obsessed with museums and live in an awesome area for this.

Problem is, I need a clever blog name! Some sort of pun maybe. Any ideas?