January 14th, 2014

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What are you passionate about? What is the one thing that simply drives you and makes you go?

I've come to the realization that the people I most enjoy having in my life are the ones with a passion for something.
My personal passion is exotic animals. I've got 6 snakes, an iguana, 2 bearded dragons and 2 tarantulas. I want to be an exotic veterinarian.

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I left my hotel at 5:30 this morning. On the way to the subway for the airport. Women in short skirts, loitering on the corner were offering me "massages". In the dim light I could see heavy make-up and smelled the remnants of clove cigarettes. One lady showed me her tongue and grabbed her ample breasts under her too tight black blouse.

How relaxing would these "massages" be?

Nursery rhyme nonsense

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

3.14 cubit feet
All of it
2 acres
5 gallons of wood

All the king's horses, and all the king's men couldn't put Humpty Dumpty back together again. Why do you suppose that was?

The king's men were interns at best. Not a lot of working medical background experience
The horses' clear lack of opposable thumbs
Humpty Dumpty's injuries were not covered by his health insurance
They ran out of duct tape and egg glue
You let giant mammals with hooves close to the injured person. What do you expect was going to happen? A miracle?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. What would you have to do to get the most of the apple's doctor-wardiing ability?

Eat it. It's got the vitamins and roughage you need
Throw it at the doctor as hard as you can. He'll stay away
Shove it up his bum. Once sated, he'll stop following you

You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him ______?

Walk on the water like Jesus
Love you. No one loves you
Forget about Humpty Dumpty. It still haunts him that he couldn't save that guy
Your wife. Homo-bestial relations are frowned upon in your area

She sells seashells by the seashore. How sound of a business plan is this?

Lousy. One could find their own seashells for free rather than pay her outrageous marked up prices
Brilliant. That's mainly why I go to the seashore, but find it time consuming hunting for seashells
I believe that this is a euphamism for prostitution, which is illegal. Stop selling your 'seashell' to the sailors and get a real job

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Those of you who have done genealogical research to find out about your family history, what do you do when you hit a dead end? I've made it back as far as my grandmother's great grandfather, but now I'm stuck. He's in the census records in Northern England from 1851 onwards, and according to those, he was born around 1821 in Scotland, but I can't find any record of his birth or anything about him prior to 1851. For various reasons I'm particularly keen to track down his parents and any siblings, but Ancestry.com and Scotlandspeople have both failed to find him. Google finds one hit for his name, but it's from 1867 and doesn't tell me anything I didn't already know. I'm in Canada, so it all has to be done online, and preferably for free. I don't know where in Scotland he was born or when he (with or without his family) moved to England. I realise it's possible he changed his name; I think it's also possible that he wasn't actually born in Scotland (he has a Scottish protestant surname but an Irish Catholic first name, which makes me wonder!). Have any of you come up against a wall like this, and found a way to dig up more information?

DK/DC; y'know that thing you're totally into at the moment? What's so great about it?
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So many songs out right now deal with sadness. I turn on the radio and am totally bummed out. Are there any popular songs on the radio these days that are upbeat and deal with love (in a positive way) or happiness?

Edit: DK/DC What is your favorite love song? If in a relationship, do you have a song that's special for the two of you?
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i accidentally ran out of dog food and can't get to the store until tomorrow. can i feed him dry cat food?

is it ever okay to fuck with your ex's emotions?

what do you watch on tv at night when you're trying to fall asleep?

i have a bottle of red wine and a bottle of scotch. which shall i reward myself with after this long ass day?
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TQC, where in the world is my car title?! I have every other piece of information about it in a folder, but I'm missing the title...which is necessary to sell it I'm told, even though it's totaled. So, any crazy places I should look?

DK/DC: what's your favorite meal of the day, and why?

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I am three and a half months pregnant. Everyone in the family knows and my friends know. Only my work doesn't know.

One of the girls I work with is leaving soon-she has a key holder position. I might get it if she leaves soon enough but I worry they will pass me up if they know I am pregnant.
Eventually I will come back to work, though.

When do I tell my boss? So far I have been able to schedule my appointments around my work schedule so it's not like I am skipping out or requesting days off. Also, I'm not showing. So unless I tell you, you wouldn't know.

For those who have had children (as mother or father) when did you tell your boss and did it have any negative repercussions?

DK/DC: Can you drink your own tap water safely? Does it taste any good?

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Which is worse: feeding a dog vegan dog food, or commercial non-vegan dog food?
I've seen some vegans point out that commercial dog food is pure crap anyway, so people who complain that feeding a dog a vegan diet doesn't make sense because commercial dog food it worse for the dog.

I'm curious on the topic, so does anyone have any perspective on what dogs get with both of the diets?