January 13th, 2014


Sexual chemistry dealbreakers

You're dating someone new, and there's a lot of sexual chemistry between you two. You're very attracted to them, and at this rate, you'll boink before the date has ended. Right now, you're still in the restaurant, flirting. Then something is brought to your attention. Which of these observations would make you less interested in sleeping with this person? Anything you don't click, it's assumed that it wouldn't slow down your libido and you're still undeterred, sexually

Your date was an absolute prick to the waitress. Really hurt her feelings because she got the sandwich bread wrong. She was on the verge of tears before you intervened
You get close to him/her for a hug, and they have body odor. It's a little gamy
It comes up that he/she has a crazy possessive ex, who followed one of their dates home and assaulted them. This was like a month ago. Police couldn't find the ex. Doesn't think the ex is here tonight
Your date is cheap. Finds the cheapest thing on the menu, and yet still haggles with the waiter to get it cheaper. Wants to share in your dessert so they don't have to pay for one. Doesn't want to tip
The sexual chemistry is strong, and you find ways to keep touching each other through dinner. But your date brings up marriage. 5 times during the meal. Just along the lines of how great it would be to find a husband/wife
He/she sneaks a kiss from you when the waiter walks away. Not only is your date a lousy kisser, but has bad breath
The two of you were playing a trivia game with friends. Your date's answers were embarrassingly ignorant on everything, and you could tell they were trying. The strong possibility this person is an idiot
You guys are really flirting, and the sexual energy is electric. However, you notice that he/she has scratched their crotch more than a couple dozen times through dinner. Apparently something's itchy down there
Says halfway through dinner 'I really find you attractive, and I can't deny, I'd love to fuck you tonight'
Admits that he/she isn't dating anyone seriously, but is hooking up with a couple people, but there's nothing substantial going on
They bend over and their t-shirt lifts up. You see back zits and back hair. A noticable amount
You share a pizza for dinner. Only then does your date confess that they're badly lactose intolerant, and that you shouldn't be in enclosed spaces with him/her if you have a good nose. Very gassy
It's the first date, and your partner has made a joke about rape, herpes, and being on the sexual offender list. All the jokes were off-tangent
Reveals that he/she just finished going through an ugly divorce, and has custody of their two kids. They're with the babysitter until 10pm
You're talking about sex, and apparently, your date is into some heavy shit. Handcuffs, beatings with riding crops, nipple clamps, cigarette burns. Tries to convince you that it's more fun than you think, that you should be open minded

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Would it be mad to plan a trip to Massachusetts in February? I really want to go to cape cod and my friend wants to see Boston. Going any later in the year isn't really an option. It's that or a very reduced Disney cruise which I really don't fancy but am struggling to get over friend guilt at not going.
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I'm Doing some research I need some help.

How does one fight depression? What are steps to take?

I can not remember the detail information. I remember in psychology class.

One must face the past to move forward to the future.

What are steps? how do you face the past to move forward to the future?

does anyone have a really angsty difficult thing in the past and some how faced it and felt they could move forward in the future? what does this look like?

give advice to someone who broke up. If they need to let go and move forward what would you say to them? what have you done yourself that helped?

OH do you live in a cold climate that is often snowy cold and not much sun? Do you take vitamin D? Does it help?
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Home decor

What do I do with the really deep built in shelves on the left? I haven't put anything up on this wall except the mirror for more than 6 mo. because I was hoping to have some sort of inspiration that would tie in with the fireplace but nothing had come to me.  The depth of them is the challenging bit. (2ft)Collapse )


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What's a good free antivirus these days? I just uninstalled the new avast because it was both annoying and ineffective. Malwarebytes found the crap that avast didn't, but it won't let me schedule weekly checks without paying. (I'm running Win 7).

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Twin peaks

I had heard that twin peaks was AMAZING and had this cult following because it was so cool.
Last night I checked it out on Netflix and the pilot of season one had rather a lot of bad acting and was sort of lame.

Should I keep watching? Do I just need to be patient? Is Twin Peaks really all I have heard it to be?
Any fans?
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What would you do?

I really hate letting people down and I found myself in the following situation tonight:

My wife came home, upset and declaring herself in crisis. Although upset she seems as if she could manage by herself. But I was unsure if I just have higher expectations for what constitutes "unable to cope". She's decided she never wants to go back to work, even though stopping immediately would mean she wouldn't be able to (easily) get another job with better working conditions in the same field. The job is, however, very stressful and many employees have been leaving or are planning to leave with haste regarding new management.

My friend drove 40 minutes to see me and to drop some stuff off at his flat (term time address). He'd arranged his trip here around when I was free, was at the place we were meeting and I had already had to apologise for running late (got my buses confused and had to wait for the next one). He also ended up at the location 2 hours before we'd arranged to meet as he'd been unable to park and drop off his stuff but I was also unable to meet him earlier. He was helping the people at the pub with some work and arranging deals for a club we're setting up. Supposedly didn't mind my lateness as he was happily occupied.

Would you leave your partner, or let your friend down?

I ended up letting him down and felt terrible about both possibilities. Since he has a place to stay, I'm going to try to meet up tomorrow. By the time I would have got there on public transport, my wife tired herself to sleep.
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Shooting clubs?

I have no problem with the UK laws on gun ownership, but as someone who's never owned a gun, I don't really know where to go on this one. Are there still clubs where you can learn to shoot? I'm in Hampshire but I could probably go to any of the neighbouring counties, or London.