January 11th, 2014

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I have to wear a mouth guard at night for teeth grinding. I just got it (from the drugstore), and it's like... making the gums behind my bottom lip raw. Is there anything I can do to stop this? I tried vasoline.

Didn't Get the Promotion

I was up for a promotion at work and didn't get it. Everyone in my department, and other departments, is really surprised and disappointed by this because I was supposed to be a shoe in. The candidate that got it was actually an outside one. I feel really untalented now, but my coworker, who has won tons of big wig awards, said not to feel that way and that my boss made a big mistake.

TQC, could you tell me a time you had a big disappointment like this at work and felt how I felt, but it turned out for the best and your talents were confirmed? Or even if something like this happened and your life went in a completely different, better direction? I know I'm skilled, I just don't feel that way right now, but I'd like to stay in my field. I'm just part time and really want to go full time :(
she blinded me with science!

Cappage fees

It's traditional for restaurants to charge a "corkage fee" if you bring your own bottle of wine to dinner. But now it's becoming trendy for bars and coffee shops with liquor licenses to charge you a "cappage fee" of $1.50 or more for opening a can or bottle that they sold you. Would you consider that their tip?

Before or after convention?

I'll be attending Pax East in Boston due to the Mass Effect Cast Cosplay (basically voice actors cosplaying as their characters)

Anyway, I want to spend some time in Boston.

How much time should I spend in Boston and should I schedule my Boston time before or after the convention?