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January 11th, 2014

(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2014|12:26 am]
The Question Club


I have to wear a mouth guard at night for teeth grinding. I just got it (from the drugstore), and it's like... making the gums behind my bottom lip raw. Is there anything I can do to stop this? I tried vasoline.
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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2014|12:32 am]
The Question Club


do you have any phobias?
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Layover [Jan. 11th, 2014|11:02 am]
The Question Club


I have a six hour layover in Istanbul next week.
Should I "get out and see the city"??
or is 6 hours just too short a time?
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Didn't Get the Promotion [Jan. 11th, 2014|12:49 pm]
The Question Club


I was up for a promotion at work and didn't get it. Everyone in my department, and other departments, is really surprised and disappointed by this because I was supposed to be a shoe in. The candidate that got it was actually an outside one. I feel really untalented now, but my coworker, who has won tons of big wig awards, said not to feel that way and that my boss made a big mistake.

TQC, could you tell me a time you had a big disappointment like this at work and felt how I felt, but it turned out for the best and your talents were confirmed? Or even if something like this happened and your life went in a completely different, better direction? I know I'm skilled, I just don't feel that way right now, but I'd like to stay in my field. I'm just part time and really want to go full time :(
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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2014|06:08 pm]
The Question Club


What is your favorite comic?
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Cappage fees [Jan. 11th, 2014|08:51 pm]
The Question Club


It's traditional for restaurants to charge a "corkage fee" if you bring your own bottle of wine to dinner. But now it's becoming trendy for bars and coffee shops with liquor licenses to charge you a "cappage fee" of $1.50 or more for opening a can or bottle that they sold you. Would you consider that their tip?
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Before or after convention? [Jan. 11th, 2014|10:56 pm]
The Question Club


I'll be attending Pax East in Boston due to the Mass Effect Cast Cosplay (basically voice actors cosplaying as their characters)

Anyway, I want to spend some time in Boston.

How much time should I spend in Boston and should I schedule my Boston time before or after the convention?
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