January 9th, 2014

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I have some (dried) lentils in my possession. I've never cooked lentils before. How do I cook these things so that they end up being delicious? Recipes, please. (And thank you)
Doctor Who - Forever

Oh, would you look at that.

What has been your most recent impulse purchase? Any particular reason you decided to pick it up? On sale perhaps, or something you've walked by a few times, convinced yourself you didn't need but then gave in?

Inspired by going to a local international grocer/gift shop today to get a couple discounted Christmas puddings and leaving with a new throw and a couple of pillows for the couch.
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TQC, because of some horrendous family drama, I need to look sick tomorrow. It is of the utmost importance that I look like I'm really not feeling well. Any tips?

Anyone else dealing with bad family drama? ): Tell me about it?