January 7th, 2014


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My cat caught a mouse in the house (yay 100 year old houses)…anyway, I'm worried the mouse may be injured. He's panting now and has his front paw up and is a little wet from the cat spit. What do I do? I've never had mice issues before. I likely will not have a chance to take the mouse anywhere today. I got him out of my cats mouth and he's sitting in a sealed plastic container under a towel right now.

Should I hold onto him until tomorrow (would a vet even check him out?) or let him free in the near by park? I know mice live underneath both of my porches so his family would be here. We just got the house at the start of winter and didn't even think of mouse proofing it because we're idiots, I foresee the rest of my winter wrestling mice from my cats mouth before she eats them or leaves pieces of them all over the house for me kids to find. Ugh.

ETA: When the mouse started attempting to get out of the container (I had the container wrapped in a towel so he wasn't "exposed") I decided I should take him to the park before he got out. Upon releasing him it was clear his spine was damaged as he could not use his back legs or move his tail. There is so much snow I could not find anything to end his suffering as I was not willing to step on him, but I stayed with him and put him on my glove for warmth as he died. RIP 'Mousey'. Thanks for the input, I'm sure I'll need it again.

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Think Pink

Is it just me or does little girl's clothing seem to be getting pinker?

Do we start gender labeling kids too young? For the sake of our eyes should florescent magenta be kept to a minimum? Does wearing Barbie™ pink really make you more feminine? Is it ok for girls to shop in the boy's department? What about vice versa? Why aren't sport patterns (etc) marketed at girls? Discuss any, all, or more.

Don't get me wrong, pink can be cute, it just seems like I see a lot of it lately as if there were a lack of any other choice.
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I'm in the market for an iPad mini. I am not sure if I should just go to Best Buy and buy one with wifi only or if I should go with my cell phone provider, Sprint. If I go through Sprint, the iPad itself would be $40 more plus the data plan would be an additional $15 a month.

My question is: if I decide to go with Sprint and get a 2-year data plan for the iPad, but then if for whatever reason I had to terminate, is the iPad still good? Can I still use this with only wifi?
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What would the world be like if humans didn't kill animals?
What would the world be like if we didn't intervene to "save" and rehabilitate injured animals?

Do you cry when an animal kills another animal?

What do you think about the food chain in general?

Old Clothes

I have a bag of clothes that I either don't or cannot wear anymore, and it's either going to the Out of the Closet thrift store or to a coworker that doesn't seem to have enough money to buy new clothes. Why the "either" exists: said coworker and I do not really get along, and I'm not sure that this gesture will be taken well. She's taken clothes from someone else before (but the size difference was too great for her to really use anything from what I heard her saying), but our "relationship" is one of face-value only. I'm kind of worried that she'll look at it like I'm offering her my "trash". Am I completely off-base on how people accept things like this?

Do you donate old clothes or stuff that doesn't fit? Pass it on to friends/siblings? Throw it away?

... And what about bras that are in great condition (i.e. never been worn or worn only once)? Are those "ok" to offer?
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Who else is starting back to school soon?

What did you do over your winter break?

What is your major?

What classes are you taking?

When do you graduate?

What's the plan when you graduate?

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What would you consider to be an emotionally abusive romantic relationship? Does it have to involve yelling and screaming and threats of violence, or could it be more subtle?


An old friend of yours is murdered and you find out via Facebook. You're too numb to cry and later, when your partner asks why you're acting so "out of it", you say it's because your friend died. He says, sarcastically, "Yeah, you seem really broken up by it." A week later, when it finally hits you, you start crying sometimes and keeping to yourself. He doesn't comfort you and starts sleeping in the basement.

You're going to a party and you know an ex of his will be there. You ask (obviously kidding) "Will you hold hands with me in front of her?" He replies, "No, but I'll hit you in front of her."

He makes fun of your clothing and hairstyle in front of your friends.

He asks you to go on a diet with him even though you're underweight and recovering from an eating disorder.

You're mostly recovered from borderline personality disorder after years of therapy, having been abused as a child. Occasionally something will trigger you and you will start talking like a child and dissociate. Your partner ridicules you for talking in a childlike voice. When you ask him to just sit with you for a minute he says "this happened a long time ago. You need to get the fuck over it, dude."

He offers to loan you a keyboard because you want to learn how to play. You start plunking away on a toy piano, excited by the prospect of learning on a real keyboard, and run downstairs to say "I'm really excited about learning to play! I can still use the keyboard, right?" He says "Jesus, I already told you you could use it. Don't ask me again."

You work up the courage to tell him that sometimes he hurts your feelings, and he says, "Well, I'm not going to cater to your sensitivity so just grow a thicker skin."

And a couple of weeks ago, you tell a friend that you're not sure the relationship is working and your friend tells your boyfriend that maybe he could be a little less... harsh sometimes. He responds by making you and your friend drive his band equipment home alone (even though neither of you have licenses) and sleeping somewhere else. You overhear him the next day on the phone. "It made me feel like a fucking abusive boyfriend. Do you know how shitty that feels?!" And you are baffled that instead of talking to you about the night before, he complains that feeling like an abusive boyfriend makes HIM feel bad.

And you're afraid to bring any of this up with him because he will tell you you're being ridiculous. Again.

But he always says he loves you, and he always cuddles you at night (unless he thinks you're being stupid.) So it's not like he's being cruel, and there's no reason to ever break up with him because you love him so much that you'd do anything for him.


***EDIT*** I'm at work right now and trying not to cry. Thank you all so much for the amazing comments so far. I felt so alone with this. Thank you.

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I fell on the ice outside of a Sears on Sunday night. I filed an accident report and was seen by medics, who let me go home, but told me to see someone if the pain became worse. Can I make Sears cover my medical costs, especially since they did not salt the sidewalks? I have been trying to get in contact with Sears with little luck.
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I heard a song today at Applebee's, can't find it. It was sung by a woman, it was a slow song, and the only lyrics I recall are "you say you want me, you say you need me" in more of a soft singing voice.

Does anyone know what the song is?
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Writing Advice Blog

So, I'm going to start a blog where I'll offer up creative writing tips, and where people can ask for writing advice as well. Of course, it needs a name. What would you suggest?

Something witty, memorable and perhaps funny would be much appreciated, and do note, I'm not above resorting to memes.

Alternate question: What was the last book/graphic novel/comic you read? Did you enjoy it? Why did/didn't you?

EDIT: The blog has been launched. It's official name is WriterZden, and you can find it here at http://www.scribbletips.tumblr.com/ . For a jist of how things will go down here, check the first post.

If you want to continue talking about the last thing you read and recommending books you've enjoyed, go right on ahead.
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If you could live forever would you want to?

What kind of problems do you think living forever would cause?

What would be the pro's to living forever?

Edit to add:

What if everyone could live forever, not just you?

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Do any of you use steamers to clean your house? I am looking for a good steamer that could be used both for cleaning and for my laundry! I figure why buy two appliances if one could work for both.

I check amazon reviews and I've usually found a mix of both good and bad reviews.

Love to hear some personal recommendations! :)
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What do you think it is that drives some people to be trolls on the internet? I'm not necessarily just talking about bullies, here. I'm also thinking of people who purposefully stir up drama with comments they know will be controversial, people who purposefully leave nasty comments on random peoples' writing/art/profiles/whatever, or people who just generally go out of their way to be hurtful wherever, whenever, and however they can. I'm pretty sure the anonymity of the internet contributes to the problem, but I don't know if it's a/the cause or such behavior.