January 6th, 2014

make up question

Is there any application for liquid make up that's most efficient and wastes the least? I use my giners. Sponges are ok but absorb so much and waste.

I recently bought nude shade of maybelline's all day make up. Not sure of the exact name or type, it is maybelline and it's a cylindrical bottle. Anyway, it's the first make up I've bought in a year or worn in nearly as long. Right now I just use the liquid and some mascara. I like an almost emptyy tube of mascara because you apply less and avoid clumps.

kara walker

(no subject)

Have you ever lived with a S/O? What made you decide to move in together? Was it a positive or negative experience?

If you've never lived with a S/O, what would it take to know you were ready to move in with someone you were dating?
Xmas wonder

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Trying to figure out a situation.

Every day, I drive my kids to school and walk them to their classrooms. (It's very busy and tends to be a bit chaotic in the small halls of the large school. I have a Kindergartener and an autistic 4th grader) Anyways, typically I see a bunch of my kindergartener's classmates on our way to his locker. Often I'll see one boy and his sister walking together to my son's classroom. (They are also with another girl, but I don't think she is a sister, possibly just a friend.)
I have seen this sister (who is a first grader according to my son) being aggressive with her brother. Like actually really nasty. Pulling him about and speaking in a very sharp tone.
I recall her pinching him and pushing him towards the room etc.
Today it happened again, the siblings were walking into school at the same time we were and the boy was all excited to see my son and wanted to talk to him but the sister grabbed him and manhandled him towards the hallway, snapping at him to keep moving.
He fought back and gave her a swat. She got pissed and said that she was going to tell the teacher if he didn't behave.
Once at the lockers, she let go of him and went to hug his teacher and then apparently told her what he did.
I heard/saw to teacher approach the boy and reprimand him for his behavior.

I don't know if this makes sense. But the gist of it all is that I have seen with my own eyes, and heard with my own ears how nasty and inappropriate this girl is to his brother. The little boy "acting out" is a clear response to how his sister is treating him.
And I can rationally assume that either this little girl is a total mean girl brat or she herself is being treated aggressively.

I'm not sure what to do.
It pains me to see this every week. And makes me feel sick to my stomach.
How involved do I get here?

What would you do?