January 5th, 2014

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What's the collective noun for all of a band's songs? I feel like there's another word aside from discography (which refers to albums), repertoire (which might include songs that aren't theirs), and anthology (which is a subset of the word I'm looking for).

In a sentence: "The Smashing Pumpkins were one of the greatest bands of all time, but most of their __________ actually kind of sucks."

Edit: a winner is ghost_light ellelelle
princess leia
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I am a new Pegasister and was wondering if there were any good communities online that I could join or check out? I recently discovered how amazing and inspiring the MLPFIM program is; the artwork is also spectacular.

f - Yes..my Lord

Old, though not stale.

For New Years I was given one of my favorite cookies: Mallomars!

To my delight, the box brags they're celebrating a 100 year anniversary~

It's amusing to ponder how many items could still be found if I magically traveled back in time! Up to a hundred years ago items like Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Nabisco Saltine & Animal Crackers, plus Cheerios would still be found! Favorites shared among generations of family and usually discovered in childhood.

Is there a commercial product you enjoy that's been around a looong time?
*non-American products welcome, of course.
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I have a nice little wine fridge that I'd like to keep better stocked in 2014 (yay not pregnant!).  I like red wines and can do ok keeping a range of those in the fridge but I'm totally lost on white wines, particularly those with some sweet in them.  I'd like some low-mid priced bottles of white in my fridge for guests but I also want to pick something nice.  Any recommendations?

If you have kids, where do you buy most of their clothes?  Shoes?  Do they have a "style"?
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book recommendations?

So I was supposed to move out tomorrow but I'm snowed in until further notice. All of my things are packed up already so I have very little available to me except my laptop and my Kindle, and I am going to go stir-crazy if I don't find something to do.
Would you recommend a book or two to me? I am particularly interested in fantasy and sci-fi. Bonus points for female protagonists! Even more bonus points if there is little to no romance involved! Please no YA/juvenile lit.