January 4th, 2014

Mr. Pants Says


Do you still live in the same town/city you grew up in?

If so, has it changed much from when you were a kid?

If it has, have the changes been positive, or negative?
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I have one of these blankets. As you can tell by the picture, they are very fluffy and soft. But, after using it for a while, all the fluff eventually flattened out. Washing/drying it didn't re-fluff it. :( I want it to be back to its original fluffy softness. Help me TQC, how do I re-fluff my blanket?

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I thought the general "Christian" view of fantasy, what with its wizards and magic and demons and lack of Jesus, is disapproval. But there I was in a Christian book store and they had Tolkien all over the place. They were particularly big on The Hobbit, both in book and video, but they also had other titles, and posters, etc.

What gives? I understand that Narnia is approved because Aslan = Jesus what with the execution and the resurrection and the creation of the world and the judging of the dead and all, but why does Middle Earth merit?


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Does skins get any better as it goes on? I liked Gen 1, but I got about halfway through Gen 2 and hated them all. Worth continuing?

DK/DC - Post a show/movie/book/whatever you're on the fence about and other people will tell you whether to keep going or ditch it.