January 3rd, 2014


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do you snore? do you have trouble sleeping next to someone who is snoring?

I'm a very light sleeper and the person in my bed is snoring terribly, so I can't sleep :\ I myself do not snore unless I am sick or extremely exhausted.
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I'm generally pretty excellent with funeral etiquette, but this afternoon I am going to "A New Orleans themed burial". Any idea what that means? I'm picturing top hats and a graveside jazz band. Should I be wearing something other than the usual somber colors?

Bonus question: How will a New Orleans themed burial be affected by the foot of snow that fell yesterday? (Obviously this will limit my wardrobe options.)

(Primarily looking for serious answers but non-serious accepted.)

How YOU doin'?

What episode of Friends would you show someone who's seen a couple of episodes here and there, but isn't totally sold on it?

Premise: they want to like it, and wonder if maybe the ones they saw just weren't very good/funny examples. That said, I may only get one or two shots at convincing them. So: funniest episode(s), please, preferably those that don't require in-depth knowledge of show canon to appreciate the humor.

If you don't know specific episodes, feel free to mention anything particularly funny that you remember seeing on the show.

And if you don't like Friends...why not? (No judgment. Actually curious.)

I'm cranky today.

I have a couple friends on facebook constantly making status updates that are obviously ripped from something they saw on the internet. One is particularly bad, and when someone once commented laughing asking him where he comes up with it all he said, "Just stuff I think about when I'm bored." I don't know why I find it so frustrating.

Do you have people on your facebook that do this? Are you ever tempted to comment with the e-sources for their shit? Sometimes I just want to call this guy out haha.

What are your facebook pet peeves? My other one is vague dramatic statuses and then the inevitable "I don't want to talk about it on here, inbox me" replies (and the expression "inbox me").