January 2nd, 2014

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Arrr, matey...

What are your thoughts on piracy? The digital kind, not the Sparrow kind.

Have you ever had intellectual property stolen or used without your permission?

If you use icons made by other people, do you credit?

What do you think about icon creators (or header/layout creators) posting "rules" about using their icons?

Don't care about that stuff: Are you a stuffed animal fan? What's the last stuffed animal you bought for you or someone else?
Hood Houndz

Do you still use it?

It seems that there less and less people are posting on LJ these days.
I'm curious to know: Do you still post to your personal LJ on a regular basis?
Also, do you know of any current "friending" posts?

Happy New Year to everyone!

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Which would you rather do?

Attend a sex anonymous meeting wearing an outfit made entirely out of see-through gauze, and flirt with everyone there
Attend an anger management group session, and persistantly try to get each person afterwards to sign a petition to rename the local school after Nicki Minaj. Refuse to take no for an answer. Get confrontational

Which would you rather do?

Only watch movies that star someone who's Scientologist (secretly or not-so-secretly)
Only watch movies that contain 1 of the 6 actors from Friends (they don't have to be the star)

Which would you rather do?

Eat only escargot for a week
Eat only food that's at least 7 days past expiration for 2 weeks

Which would you rather do?

Lick a homeless man's armpit
Get a 1

Which would you rather do?

Have your current lover (or your hypothetical lover) suddenly develop a kinky foot fetish
Have your current lover (or your hypothetical lover) suddenly develop an unhealthy sexual attraction for Freddie Mercury, and insists you dress up like and act like him in bed

Edit: Get a one inch tattoo of a penis anywhere on your body. Bright red ink

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What'd you have for lunch today? What inspired you to have it?

I had a Chicken Caesar Pita from Pita Pit. I went to Starbucks and Pita Pit was next door, so I decided I should grab some food.
Geeky Girls
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Kickin' The Nicotine

So, my doctor prescribed Wellbutrin for various reasons. One reason is to help kill the cigarette cravings. Well, it's worked for the most part. They now taste terrible & I don't get any satisfaction from smoking. However, I am feeling the nicotine cravings, so I had 2 yesterday and 1 so far today. Hey, that's down from 1+ packs a day!

Have any of you quit smoking, successfully? If so, care to share any pointers with me?

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To those of you who have had or looked after babies: did you ever use triangular/bandana bibs? If so, what kind of material were they (cotton/towelling etc)?

My cousin had a baby three days ago and I'm trying to think of something to sew for her. Any other ideas? The baby is the first girl in the family for a while, but her parents' second child (her older brother is 3) and the fourth grandchild on my side (my other cousin's boys are 6 and 9), so there's plenty of boy/unisex hand-me-downs going around. My cousin is not keen on overly pink/frilly things. I don't really want to buy any more fabric so if it can be made with less than a metre of two different fabrics that would be amazing (I have a pretty patterned cotton and a plain pale green cotton). My sewing skills are not that great but I am learning...

ETA: This is the fabric I have and would like to use