January 1st, 2014

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Trackable map website?

Happy New Year TQC!

I am going to be getting a rowing machine here in the next week or so. I love using it at the gym, and think I'd use it a lot at home. I'm really excited.

Inspired by a recent episode of Modern Family in which Phil "ellipticals" his way (in miles) from his home in California up to Canada, I was thinking I wanted to see if I could "row" my way to Alaska. I'd like to be able to track this on some kind of online map, so I can update it and see my progress. I tried Google maps, but they wont let you make way-points out in the water. Does anyone know of any online maps that would let me do this?

Jason the Ninja

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Imagine when you woke up today, it was January 1, 2013. Everyone else perceives time progressing normally (i.e. for them the previous day was 12.12.2012), but for some reason you seem to be repeating the year.

How would you react? What would you do differently the second time?

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Have you ever ended a friendship because you felt it was toxic/unhealthy? If so, how did you end it? Do you ever regret your decision?

I need to cut ties with one of my oldest and closest friends, and I feel terrible and want to do it as kindly as possible.

Moving to a rural town just to be with your partner

Yay! Your SO/partner gets an awesome first job out of university that would make his/her resume fantastic. If you knew you would only stay there 5-6 months before moving on to a graduate school, would you follow your SO? This is also in hopes that your SO would then eventually follow you to city of said graduate school.

You have been dating long enough to know it's worth it and you are currently unemployed anyway, but finding a job in a small town is less likely than a big city, although some would say it doesn't matter since you want to further your education by August. You have your own hobbies that can hopefully occupy you, but you're worried that it won't be enough...

What would you do?

Rock (& other music) Stars with child sex/porn trouble

I am trying to put together a list of well-known musical performers who ran into trouble over accusations of accessing child porn, inappropriate sex with children, and various sorts of pedophiliac behavior. So far I've got:

Pete Townshend of The Who. He was charged with using a kiddie porn website. He explained he was trying to prove that credit card companies make money off of child porn sites.

Gary Glitter (did Rock and Roll Part 2). Jailed in Vietnam. His victims were aged 10 and 11.

Jerry Lee Lewis. His cousin once removed (daughter of his first cousin) was 13 when he married her. Nice and legal, apparently.

Who else belongs on the list?


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What foods do you like now that you didn't like as a kid (or when you were younger)?

I looove onions.
And when I was a kid I always went for chocolate (ice cream, milkshakes, etc), now it's vanilla forever.