December 31st, 2013

Space Cadet
  • cdozo

Airlines and Art

United Airlines just cancelled my flight and rescheduled me on the same flight 24 hours later.
Has this ever happened to you? If so, did you get any compensation?

Apparently the airline might have to pay for a hotel room, but they may not. I think they should give me a $600 voucher. What do you think they should have to do?

I'm pretty stunned that they would cancel an entire flight. How would you feel if this happened to you?

On a different note, have you ever seen a Monet painting in person? I saw some today at the MoMA in NYC. They were much bigger than I expected and much lovelier. I didn't expect to like them, but I ended up being overwhelmed by how amazing they were.

(no subject)

I am trying to locate a meme I saw on a friend's Facebook page a few months ago. It was making fun of how terrible you look when you accidentally turn your phone's camera to the self-portrait function, with a smug face and double chin. I have googled all sorts of combos of words and can't find it. Does anyone have this saved?

Milhent forest
  • milhent

Last hours of the year

So, there are only hours - or around a day at most - left in this year.
I wonder, how many hours left for you, and how are you going to spend them?

A bit over 12 hours of this year left. Everyone else are at work, and I have worked off today two weeks ago, so I am on kitchen-clean-up-and-tree-decorating duty. Right now I am bouncing between cooking cold cuts and salads in the kitchen and monitoring last load of wash. Once I am done in the kitchen, father will be home and we'll set up three "trees", which are bouquets of fur-tree branches, biggest one for living room, other two for my and mother's rooms. Then I'll do touch-up dusting and by then mother and sister should get back from work and take over the cooking.
Bandit Driving

(no subject)

Quick! I'm going to a friends house tonight to celebrate New Years and would like to bring something to eat/snack. What should I bring? Something kid friendly would be a plus! Maybe something I can throw together in a crock pot or put together and bake in her oven?
  • jo_fitz

Etiquette Help

We're having a 90th birthday for the Grandfather. I have been assigned to make the invitation. It has been made clear that there are to be no gifts, but they do want people to bring birthday cards.
Every time I think I have something tactful it just sounds confusing. I think saying "No gifts, birthday cards okay." sounds tacky.
Any suggestions on the wording?