December 30th, 2013

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What's your favorite brand of razor and shaving cream to shave your armpits with?

What's your favorite brand of eye makeup remover?

What is your favorite thriller/mystery/crime novel that has a female protagonist?
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So, I've been really wanting to start watching RuPaul's Drag Race, but haven't been able to find any good torrents for it anywhere-- It doesn't help that I apparently have a habit of attracting malware to my computer so I don't trust most downloads anymore.

Can someone recommend me a good site to download Season 1 of this show, or where I could stream it? (Note though that I'm Canadian and a lot of the US-based streams I've found so far don't seem to work here.)
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Does anyone have a fitbit? (or something like it)

Do you use it faithfully? Is it easy and useful?

My friend raves about it and I've been considering it but I'm a little worried that it will be a negative trigger. Years ago I suffered from a very serious eating disorder and whenever I attempt to track exercise or caloric intake, I get serious anxiety (on top of my GAD) and I dance around a relapse.

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Can you tell me what this song is?

It's newer, it's a club song. It has a rapper and a female singer. Every once in a while she'll sing-- she has a higher pitched voice and I'm sure there's been some modification. But the only thing I can remember is her saying something about dance-- like you should dance or why don't you dance. It's super catchy. Please help me with suggestions.

Also I realize I just described half the club songs in the world, but that's okay. You guys are smart.

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I was standing at the sink doing last nights dishes, not really paying attention, talking to Jasper (my son) as I reached down to the drain to clear out any food debris when my hand encountered something mushy.

No biggie, we had stuffed bell peppers last night, Jasper does not eat them much, assumed it was a water logged one.

Pulled it out and tossed it into the trash...all good right?

Then I noticed it was moving...then an antennae popped up.

I totally screamed like a girl


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What is the creepiest/scariest/strangest/whatever-est creature you have found in your home? What did you do?


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My fiance has to get a blood work-up and physical every year for his job.  We recently found out he has high cholesterol.  If we're not eating out, I do most of the cooking.  I can cook okay, but I'm not known for my healthy cooking.

I want to start researching low cholesterol diets.  I just don't know that much.  Do you have experience with this?  Can you recommend books?  Websites?  First hand experience?

Thanks, folks.
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Has anyone here used HMA? It's currently on sale: $40/6 months or $60/year. Is it worth it? I've been thinking of resurrecting Netflix and this would be a handy way of getting the USA version or the UK one at that.