December 28th, 2013

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Soooooooooooo...I'd like to purchase an e-reader.  Suggestions?  Advice?  I don't have a whole lot of preferences, other than I want one that has a back light for night time reading.

DK/DC:  What antacid do you use that gets rid of heartburn the fastest?


Since it's a new thing in my life, I wanna talk about it.

SO, Asexuality. Heard of it? Know what it is? Personal opinions on Asexuals being included in the LBTG umbrella?

Are you asexual or know someone who is?

Wanna ask me a question about my asexuality?

EDIT: Wanna see Reddit lose it's shit about Asexuality? And not even the LBGT reasons, just that it exists at all.

Here's the tale about how I, nightcrawler616, made my first Front Page and broke my inbox.
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Power outage and frozen food outside

We had a power outage that lasted several days. After about 10 hours the food from the fridge and freezer (still cold/frozen as the doors had remained closed) was placed on the balcony, in plastic bags, and stayed there for 4 days. The temperatures throughout the whole time remained below 0, for most part way below 0. When we came back, all the food was frozen. Is it a good idea to keep all of it, or should some of it be discarded? I am particularly iffy about consuming the thawed milk and eggs. I'm also pregnant, so more susceptible to potential food poisoning.

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So my family is concerned about my health, but I'm not sure what to do about it.

My problem is this- I have asthma and allergies, and a chronic gastrointestinal illness that's well controlled. I'm sick all the time. I've had two horrible colds since Thanksgiving and I'm still recovering. Before that, was a cough I couldn't shake. Before that, a horrible stomach virus that caused me to lose around 13 pounds in a week, and before that, another bad cold. This has been since the end of September.

This has been going on since I started college, so about six years. I bounce around from cold to cold- I joke that if someone is sick within a ten mile radius of me, I'll catch it. I was one of the first students at my alma mater to get H1N1. I've had to go on a steroid inhaler a handful of times because my colds reek havoc on my asthma. It's pretty exhausting to be sick like this, especially as a student (I'm now in grad school) and I'm really concerned for my future in the work force. Nothing I have in life threatening, but I get sick enough that I can't function far too often to be convenient to work. I'm going into librarianship, so being around the public is also a concern for me- lots of exposure to new illnesses.

I've mentioned this to doctors a lot and they usually tell me to eat well (I do, for the most part, but my gi illness limits some of the things I can eat) and get plenty of sleep. Sleep is also kind of a concern because when I'm on a really regular schedule, I will sleep uninterrupted for 9 to 10 hours every night, which I suppose might be indicative of another problem.

I'm sorry I'm rambling, but I'm not really sure what to do. I am concerned, but I'm not always a great advocate for my own health and I have a history of doctors not taking me seriously (it took three years and five doctors before my gi disorder was diagnosed and not just written off as stress). Are there tests I should ask for or things I should try first? Something I'm overlooking?

I just don't want to be sick anymore.
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If you are in a relationship, what things do you and your partner love to do together? What kind of things do you love that they don't? What kind of things do they love that you don't?

If you aren't in a relationship substitute the word partner for "friends" and answer anyway!

Have you ever had a strange result using Oxiclean?

I recently read that soaking a shirt with yellow pit stains in Oxiclean will get them out, so I just put my husband's white undershirts into soak in hot water with a liberal scoop of Oxiclean.

Imagine my surprise when most of his shirts begin turning LAVENDER!

Damage is done, so we'll see what happens when I put them in the washing machine after soaking for a few hours.

Maybe they'll be a lovely shade of lavender without the icky pit stains!

Any idea why this might have happened? He uses Axe stick deodorant. I'm wondering if it's a weird chemical reaction or something.

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One Fatal Flaw

Imagine you are a mythological figure or superbeing, and you are physically invincible except for one weakness. Would you rather your weakness be:

Option #1: Something part of your body, like Achilles' heel or Samson's hair. Since it is a part of you the danger is ever-present, but you can take reasonable precautions to protect yourself.

Option #2: Something external to you, like kryptonite for Superman or mistletoe for Baldr. It's not something you'd expect to run into frequently, but although you can make a point of avoiding it you ultimately cannot control when or under what circumstances you will encounter it.
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Flannel PJs

Is there a brand (U.S.) that makes really soft cotton flannel pajamas for women? (Not fleece).  The ones I looked at in a couple of stores seemed very stiff and scratchy. Bonus points if they are actually cute.

dk/dc:  Probably been asked before, but did your parent(s) sleep in the nude?