December 26th, 2013

computer bug

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My Netflix app just suddenly started no longer working on my tablet. I was watching it last night and fell asleep to a show and then it just started crashing (no error message) when I tried to launch the app this morning. Has this happened to anyone else recently? Any ideas? Is it most likely a software issue or a server issue? Everything else is working fine. My tablet is a few years old and I'm trawling out of state. No issues getting on my mother's secure wifi or my HBOGO or Amazon Prime.

Deleted and reinstalled. Working fine. A-doy. Sorry!

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Christmas is that time of year when people post some of the most soul-crushingly depressing Facebook statuses. Here is a sampling from my personal feed:

1) Celebrating Christmas Eve with beer, Family Guy, and Sheetz food

2) I am glad that all my friends and family are having a great Christmas and they have gotten what they wanted.
I am not here to pout, but here to say this has been the worst day ever... My year sucked except for my Spartan Races and meeting great people. I haven't bought anyone much or anything for that matter. I instead had to pay bills. Now it seems like 2 more bills I will have to pay at the start of the new year. I am tired of bills being paid late or not at all. I use to have decent credit but now I don't. I will never be able to get another car or buy a home if I wanted too.
I don't know how 2014 will be but I hope it gets better.
I have been thinking of this year for some time and come to the conclusion that God has a plan and put it into action earlier in the year to see if I break or if I stay strong enough to make it. Well so far I made it, so if at any point I am not on here it's because my internet or phone was shut off or there was a car repossession, or who knows. I know I should get another part time job, but feel why should I always be the one paying all the bills. But that's life I guess and God's plan.
I see he doesn't want to me be strong but to break and give up...
We shall see how 2014 goes....

3) I just wish I didn't have to spend the day by myself... Samantha is at her parents, and her father forbids me in their house...

Which is the saddest Chrstmas FB status?


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What was for your Christmas dinner? Do you eat it Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or did you not celebrate at all? If you didn't celebrate, what did you eat?

We always eat Christmas dinner on Christmas day. We had beef Wellington, leek and mushroom bread pudding, roasted brussels sprouts, and dessert was roasted vanilla pears with vanilla ice cream.

Body Repair & Mining under

1. GEICO's recommended body shop (Fox Collision Center, 28th Street, Grand Rapids, Michigan) is staffed by a bag of dicks. Do you know a good shop in or around Grand Rapids? If not, how can I decide which shop to trust my car to?

2. Has someone undermined your authority?

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The Loss of a Beloved Dog -- Dog Owner Advice Needed


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TL;DR: I had two dogs that were together for 4 years. When is the right time to get another dog? Or is there a right time? Any experience with a pet in mourning?

I know that ultimately it will be whatever feels right to me, I am just looking for some feedback. Thanks in advance.

DK/DC/Cheer me up: Please tell me about your awesome dogs. What are their names?