December 25th, 2013

christmas dinner frenzy

I did not finish do christmas shopping for food or a present for SO. Grocery stores are closed. I definitely need ham and cellery.

Any creative ideas on where to get it? The only known thing that's open is Family Dollar but they only have dry goods mainly.

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I am finally watching the Lord of The Ring trilogy all the way through in order. Before I had only seen bits and pieces of all the movies. (Ugh, I am so behind, lol)

I was talking to a friend recently about the Harry Potter book series vs. the movies and it got me wondering:

Those of you who have read the LOTR books, what did you think of the movies series? Did it do the books justice? Were there parts they left out/added or changes made in general that particularly pissed you off? Were you happy with the movies in general?

The movies seem AMAZING to me, but it got me wondering what lovers of the book series thought. I know Harry Potter and LOTR can't really compare, but it got me thinking.
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So I forgot to put the eye-of-round roast into the fridge to defrost yesterday and I now have three pounds of rock solid frozen beef. I'm currently trying to defrost it in cold water but I'm worried it'll take too long. Luckily we're not having anyone over today so it's just my husband and me. What should I do?

Poll #1949595 What do I do??

What should I do about dinner?

Continue my desperate attempt to defrost the roast in cold water
Ditch the roast and just serve the sides (green been casserole and garlic mashed potatoes)
Order Chinese food for pick-up, and try again tomorrow with the roast

Any other suggestions?

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Merry Chrismas TQC! What did you get? What was your favorite gift you received this year? How about favorite gift you gave this year?

What are your plans for the rest of the day? Do you have a special christmas meal in store? If so, what are you having?

vintage shotgun shells

I was helping my girlfriend in her basement and found a box of shotgun shells she didn't realize were there. They probably date to the 1950s - Remington Kleanbore Nitro Express 16 gauge slugs. It's just a box of 5. I haven't opened it but it feels full.

I know I can drop these off at a police station for disposal, but is there any chance they have collector value? Is there any risk to moving them around (aged gunpowder and primer, y'know.) Is there any legal way to sell them?

I'm not a gun guy.