December 23rd, 2013

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Do you, or someone you know, twitch or fidget; What is your/their idiosyncrasy? Do you know what triggers it?

I have a habit of twitching my foot/leg sometimes (boredom, extra energy).
A family member bites her nails while watching TV (the sound drives me crazy).

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Should the Oscars, Tonys, Golden Globes, or any other acting awards have separate categories for "Best Actor" and "Best Actress", or would it be better if the two categories were combined into one?

12 days of madness

Your true love goes nuts and gets you all the gifts in the 12 days of Christmas. Which one would annoy you the most if it was found inside your home Christmas morning?

12 drummers drumming
11 pipers piping (bagpipes)
10 lords a-leaping (parkour guys climbing furniture and leaping off)
9 ladies dancing (strippers)
8 maids a-milking (includes 8 cows)
7 swans a-swimming (7 fully grown swans, a filled kiddie pool in your living room)
6 geese a-laying (irritable, pregnant, territorial geese)
5 golden rings (whoever wears them under influence of Sauron)
4 calling birds (at the height of mating season)
3 French hens
2 turtle doves
1 patridge in a pear tree (oh yeah, there's a full grown pear tree in your living room)

If your true love got you all this on Christmas day, what would your feelings towards him/her be?

Love. Overflowing love
Hate. Overflowing hate
Disappointment. It still isn't enough
Wariness. I'd fear my true love has lost his/her mind, and I'm going to have to protect myself

Considering your interests and maybe skill sets, in which 'gift' would you most likely be found?

One of the drummers drumming
One of the pipers piping (it can be any kind of pipe)
One of the lords a-leaping
One of the ladies dancing
One of the maids a-milking
I have no appropriate interests or skills. I'd be the tree the patridge is perched on

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what is the process to get a dog license where you live? is it a pain in the ass?

where I live you have to mail in a check with paperwork from your vet and a form from the city and we always screw it up, this is like the only thing in my life that requires a check so I have to dig out my checkbook or get one from the bank, but the vet tells me the wrong amount sometimes or I don't have the city form when the designated vet appointment is (my dog visits the vet on a regular basis between updates and boarding so I'm never sure which appointment is the annual appointment). I just cannot understand how I screw it up three years in a row, someone must be making this too hard... the city, my vet, both...

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so my hair has been falling out steadily for about 2 years. i have a lot less hair than i used to. haven't figured anything out from the doctor yet. i have fairly long hair and it's gotten to the point that i'm just disgusted by it since it's always falling out in big clumps. i can't run my fingers through it, brushing it even once through results in a a brush full of hair (i generate a good handful's worth every few days when i clean off my brush).

i'm thinking of chopping it all off and getting an asymmetrical curly pixie cut so i'm less annoyed with the sheer volume that comes off my head. will i feel liberated? or big regret? it seems like short hair would feel less "gross" because there's less to get tangled/deal with. i wear it in an ugly pony tail all the time because it sheds all over my clothes and i hate washing it at the length it's at now because so much comes out.

anyone else deal with hair loss before? it sucks :(

For $1,000,000, would you....?

...not use contractions, pronouns or acronyms for a full year? You can't tell anyone why. A sentence like 'I went with my mother to Target for Doritos, but they were out so we went to Wal-Mart instead' would turn into 'fourcorners and mother of fourcorners went to Target for Doritos, but Target was out so fourcorners and mother of fourcorners went to Wal-Mart instead'. That'll be how you speak for 365 days


...lose all memories (permanently before the age of 10?


...strip down to a g-string and do a sexy dance for 2 full songs in a strip club populated only by your co-workers (or fellow classmates if you're in school)? Then, they'll have to each put a dollar bill in your g-string as you bend over, gyrating


...pop out of your ex's wedding cake in a pedobear costume? Your ex is getting married in a fancy wedding. The cake is immaculate and flawless, but has room inside for you to hide. At the cutting of the cake, you'll pop out in your suit, do a pervy dance, dry hump the groom, and then reveal yourself to the guests. It essence, ruining your ex's wedding


...leave 10 full loaded, fully automatic, untraceable weapons on the sidewalk in the poorest/highest drug use neighborhood in your city? You'll be guarranteed not to encounter any trouble dropping off the guns, either from authority figures or street violence. After that, you're off the hook and you can enjoy your money with no further obligations. However, from that point on, anytime you hear about a shooting in that neighborhood, any drive-bys or gang violence, you'll always wonder if your gun donation is what allowed this to happen, if you're spending blood money. Or maybe, you won't think of anything at all. But regardless, you put dangerous firearms into the hands of possible criminals

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Inspired by a post below, what is the oddest museum you've been to?

I love odd museums. My favorite was the Tupperware museum at the Tupperware corporate HQ in Kissimmee, Florida. I'd expected displays of all their fine storage ware from the past, but instead saw a really interesting collection of storage containers going all the way back to ancient times.

Many monasteries have odd museums. I guess it's an old tradition that whenever someone in the area found something odd, they donated it to the nearest monastery. My brother-in-law was a monk at Mt. Angel Monastery in Oregon for some years, and took us to see the very unusual collection of oddities they have on display there.

I recall visiting a museum for ballooning in Mitchel, South Dakota. Right down the street was a doll museum, and nearby was the Corn Palace, an entire auditorium made of corn. It's a happening place, Mitchell. On the same trip, we visited Wall Drug, one of the most unusual museums in America, full of all sorts of odd junk.

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TQC members who have worked in retail, can you tell me your horror stories? I have one more day left at this kiosk and I'm more than ready for it to be over.

If you had to buy an item from the As Seen on TV store, what would it be?


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inspired by the post below, what is a gift that you would never give to another person?

I personally would never buy anyone any of the end-cap meaningless stuff that gets pushed during the holiday season, like those really cheap bath or makeup sets. they just seem really impersonal.