December 21st, 2013

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Can you recall the first time you (and/or your children) met Santa Claus?
Will you tell a story about it, did he tell you that you'd poke your eye out?
Was crying involved? What wishes were made?

Also: Happy Solstice, will you do anything to celebrate today?
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I need advice! I'm laid up in bed sick today, and I need suggestions for movies or tv shows I can watch without my husband. Most of the time if we're watching tv, we watch together, but he has my permission to watch gritty or violent shows when I'm not around. When I watch something alone, it's usually a period costume drama, but I think I've seen all the obvious ones that are streaming on Netflix. Does anyone know any good period pieces I might have overlooked? In other genres, he hates romantic comedies, so I could do one of those if anyone knows a good one. I'm also willing to consider Bollywood if any likely suggestions arise. I realize I'm reinforcing the chick-flick vs testosterone stereotype here, but I don't have the energy to fight traditional gender roles today.
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What should I do with my basement? It has a couch in it, a litterbox and nothing else. I don't know what to use it for. I don't have children, just cats. It has a closet with laundry, then a tinier creepy crawl space I use for storage. It is finished, heated and has carpet. I don't need it to store things, I have two spare bedrooms for guests. I want to do something fun, not sure what? It's L Shape; it's probably 15 feet long and about 6 feet wide so not super big.

Srs and non srs welcomed.