December 19th, 2013


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i got my boyfriend some doctor who pint glasses for christmas. when you put a cold drink in the glass, the tardis printed on it is supposed to turn blue. but i just opened the package and the tardis is already blue on both glasses. it's kinda chilly in my room, but not THAT cold, and i brought it in from the stoop like 12 hours ago so it's not like it's still blue from being in a cold environment. can those color-changing stickers get...stuck? should i try to return this? i'm sad. i liked this idea. :(

UPDATE: i didn't want to open them, so i held a warm cloth to a glass and it turned white again. apparently it doesn't take much in the way of cold temperatures to trigger the color change on these things. yay! soooo to add a new question, what was the last thing you had to return?

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Have you ever cooked a steak in an oven/on the stove top?

Normally I would use the grill outside but it is just too bloody cold lately plus it gets dark before dinner time. I've been googling ways to cook steak and many websites say that I can cook a fantastic steak in a cast iron pan.
Have any of you done this? Any suggestions for perfecting it?

I am also making twice baked potatoes & carrots, but can you think of another vegetable or something I could add?

(It is the man I am dating's birthday so I am making him dinner. I know he likes steak but I'm not a professional at cooking it & I am nervous haha. I may just give up and make chicken)

Be honest

How conservative are you? Conservative, in this usage, just means safe. Predictable. Your behavior and interests fall within social norms, and you'd be considered a good citizen. From a morality standpoint, you'd be considered decent, wholesome. Vanilla; not edgy. Most of us are mainstream to some extent, with just a few quirks that stand out. This poll is not a perfect tool (none of my polls are), so don't take it seriously. Below are 15 'edgy' traits (edgy being viewed by suburban parents). How many of these traits apply to you? If there's any merit to this poll whatsoever, it can be argued that the less options you check, the more mainstream you are

You own drug paraphanalia, or actual controlled substances
You've tried a controlled substance besides pot
You have more than one tattoo
You have something pierced besides your ears
You possess excessive amounts of fandom (beyond mere appreciation) over one thing. I'm talking merchandise, wardrobe choices - the works
You own a gun
You own melee weaponry that does not serve a culinary purpose or is activated by a trigger and carried in your purse (no steak knives or pepper spray)
You have a record, have been to rehab, have had to do mandatory community service, or been in court as anything besides juror
You've had a blackout while drinking
You've had a same-sex relationship/sexual encounter
You have porn on your computer
You own a sex toy
You've had a one night stand with someone you weren't friends with before
You've been in a fight as an adult
You associate REGULARLY with friends who engage recreationally with drugs or have a police record

The reason fandom is up there because obsession is a little out-of-the-ordinary. Everybody has a few things that they like and highly appreciate, but there's generally limits to their love. An obsessive person veers beyond those limits, generally earning names like 'nerd' or 'geek'. Think Star Wars freaks or hardcore Juggalos. More than just a passing hobby
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So, my boyfriend lost his job almost 2 weeks ago. We live in a small city that does not have much opportunity for him (he is a software developer) so we're likely going to have to move. We are looking to move either to DC/College Park/Baltimore area, Richmond, VA, or Raleigh/Durham area, as those three places will have the most opportunity for both of us (I'm looking to go to grad school in the next year or two).

Anyone live in any of these areas and can recommend what areas we should look to move into? Any neighborhoods that would be good for a mid-twenties couple with a not too crazy standard of living? We are paying about $750 for a 2 bedroom apartment in a quiet but not ritzy part of town where we live now. For reference, he made about $48k in his job. I know the bigger cities will be more expensive, but I guess I'm wondering what we should expect, or if there are specific places we should look to keep costs from being astronomical (we'd be ok with paying more than we do now, as long as he has a comparable salary).

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I've been living with my parents since I lost my job. however, I am going back to work in January. to afford an apartment, I need a roommate. I have a male friend that also needs to find a roommate. We talk and I tell him I can find us a place for around $250-300/each including utilities. he's on board.


however....I don't think my boyfriend will like this very much. how can I convince him that a girl and guy can share an apartment without anything sexual happening between us? something did happen a couple years ago between us...if he asks, should I tell him?


what do you pay for rent? is it an apartment or house? do you have roommates? are they the same gender as you or not? (romantic relationship roomies don't count) tips for living with a roommate for the first time?

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I read more than I used to, but I get most of my books from the library these days. Is it weird to ask for books I've already read but don't own a copy of for Christmas? Most of what I want, I end up buying for myself anyway.