December 17th, 2013

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does your mood tend to fluctuate depending on the time of day? what are your best times and worst times?

my mood seems to be better between 6 and 8 pm and any time after midnight. my worst times are usually afternoon and sometimes the later evening. :S

Inspired by the James Earl Jones commercial

Which words have you used in conversation?

Totes Mcgotes
Phat (this goes back a little bit)
Busted (to describe someone's looks)

Carob powder

Hi TQC! I'm planning on gifting my step-mom with some homemade hot chocolate mix. I went in search of some nicer cocoa powder than the Nestle I've got lurking in my cabinets, and ended up buying carob powder, not cocoa powder. So, the question:

Should I return it? Or is this a fun new thing I should experiment with? Any personal experiences out there?

What's your favorite brand of cocoa powder (or chocolate substitute!)?

Possibly helpful info: As far as I know she's not allergic to anything, and her and my dad have been doing the paleo diet for a while now.

dk/dc: How's your day going so far?
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I am hosting a small christmas party on Friday, and I am trying to figure out what to make for food.  I am trying to stick to appetizers/finger foods/munchies, and I have limited time to prepare food, as the rest of the week is pretty busy. I am also limited on funds (I am trying to not spend more than $50 on the party prep)

So far I have on my "menu"
- homemade hummus & nachos
- "brownies"

For drinks,I am planning on making caesars and probably some sort of spiked egg nog or cider.

Alternatively, what is your favourite party food or most creative party food? 

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I keep hearing a loud buzzing humming sound from my neighbor's (not sure which neighbor it is though) apartment, it's like a vibration through the wall and is driving me nuts. It started yesterday and is going now. It comes and goes. WTF is it?

Pricing help

I do a lot of crochet work but have never done a garland for sale before (I have made them for personal use) and am unsure how to price it.

Customer wants a 10 foot garland of alternating shamrocks and pots of gold with a rainbow coming out, each applique will be roughly 3"x3" (so 40 pieces to the garland) and the garland should take me about 12-13 hours of work to complete.

How would you price this?

Dont know or care?

What was the last show or movie you re-watched?

Im currently re-watching Buffy for the first time since I was a kid and it was on TV....good times man, good times.