December 14th, 2013

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So my Verizon contract ends on Jan 28th. I want to switch to Sprint. When would I cancel my services without an early termination fee, without renewing my contract,  and without losing my number?

i'm really confused, i've been with verizon forever and i've never had to switch over.

edit: my next billing period is for dec 26 - jan 25.
does that mean i can end my services and port my number between jan 25 and jan 28 without being charged an early termination fee?

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cat owners, what kind of cat litter do you use? what's the best kind you've found?

I recently switched to crystal litter (usually the brand 'amazing cat') it's a little more expensive (8lb bag is around $10 at local stores) but it seriously is amazing. I just have one cat, but with standard litter I would notice the smell and have to change the entire box weekly, even with daily scooping. but with this stuff one go lasted for about 1.5 months, and even then it didn't smell, the crystals were all pretty much yellow so I changed it XD.

I just came back from petco and they didn't have that brand, so I got petco's crystal litter. is it just as good?

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Hey everyone! I need some help/advice from people who like to cook. I'm trying to think of something to get my dad for Christmas, he's a pretty good cook and I think he enjoys it. I, however, am not too experienced in the kitchen. I'd like to get him a handy tool/gadget or something, but I just don't know enough about cooking to know what to get him.

He particularly likes cooking/broiling fish and making stir-frys if that helps.

What's a good kitchen tool that you think every cook should have in their kitchen?