December 13th, 2013

decide my life

my work is having a potluck christmas party, they have appetizers, then have a sit-down dinner. there is no official food-sign up sheet but ive been told the boss is bringing roast beef and pork roast. others are bringing "cookies, cheese & crackers, hashbrown casserole, and stuffing" but people can change their minds. they will have some cheap wines and "good" beers along with pop.

what should i bring? right now ideas include:

chocolate cupcakes stuffed with peppermint filling
deviled egg dip with crackers
hummus with crackers and vegetables to dip
some kind of trifle involving store-bought angle food cake.

but im open to suggestions, especially for side dishes since i can only think of appetizers and desserts.

what is your favorite dish to bring to potlucks?
whats your favorite thing to eat at potlucks?

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What do you think would be easier for you to do?

Kill someone in a hands-on manner, and successfully hide/dispose of the body, and never tell anyone about it
Convincingly fake your own death, and leave everything/everyone you know forever.

Which one?

Horizontal lines
Diagnal lines

Which do you like best?

Polka dots

Questions that require quick thought. Check the answer that first leaps out at you

You're driving along in another city late at night, going through a lonely stretch of road you've never been before. It's after midnight. Up ahead, you hear a scream, as a woman runs across the road, about 25 feet in front of you. Behind her is a man carrying a machete, wearing a mask, obviously chasing her. They're both oblivious to you, despite both being in your headlights. She stumbles and falls on the shoulder of the road, and he raises his machete. You have a 2 seconds to react. What do you do? There's not time to get out of the car

Hit him with my car
Drive really close, honking, hoping to make him jump out of the way and maybe allow her a chance to get away
Keep on driving. It's not my business
Keep on driving. Call 911
Stop and pull over and see if she needs help

You're walking to your car late at night (11pm or so). It's another block. In your periphery, you see someone crossing the street to intercept you. You glance over and it's a 6'5 guy, broad shouldered, wearing a camo jacket and a t-shirt that appears to read 'I like rape'. He's smiling. You walk faster and he walks faster to head you off. As he's about 5 feet away and about to step onto the sidewalk, you notice a stick on the grass. What do you do?

Pick up the stick and hit him with it
Pick up the stick and hold it outstretched in a threatening manner
Run forward to my car!
Run backwards where I came from
Scream and hope someone comes over, or that my screams will scare him away

For whatever reason, you react with violence and hit him with the stick. He clutches his head, which is bleeding and says 'I was just going to ask you where the freeway was...' as he passes out. Only then do you notice his t-shirt, as he falls on his back. It was partially hidden while standing, but uncovered, the shirt reads 'I like Grape Nuts', with the G and Nuts hard to see. No one is on the street. No one saw you. Suddenly, you hear a siren. It's approaching. It'll pass your current spot in 5 minutes. What do you do?

Hastily make my way to my car and get out of here
Same as above, except I call 911 and report the injured man
Stay where I am and wait for the cops to arrive. I tell them the truth

You're in your room. You're wearing just shorts and a t-shirt. You're walking towards the door when you notice a large spider climbing it. At the pace it's going, it'll move out of reach in about 4 seconds. You quickly glance down. The only things within easy reach are a slipper (or flip-flop), a glossy magazine that you haven't read yet, and an empty soda can. What do you do?

Smash the spider with the magazine
Smash the spider with the slipper/flip flop
Smash the spider with the soda can
Stand there, panicking, and watch the spider escape
Stand there and watch the spider escape. I like spiders and I feel no compulsion to stop it

There's a TQC meetup and all those that in attendance are wearing nametags with their username. Someone approaches you with the name 'FOURCORNERS' on their shirt. How do you react?

Smash him with a magazine
Smash him with your shoe
Smash him with the soda can you're drinking
Stand there, panicking, not sure where to run
Stand there and greet him

boi who like bois

My best friend is a gay man. He wants to propose to his boyfriend when they are in LA next month. We both have some questions as to if there any rules/prototype for a man/man proposal. Does the man being proposed to get both an engagement ring AND a wedding band? Diamond or no diamond? What do you do if you have no idea how to propose to someone (I thought him and I would be tragically single forever, now I am alone in my tragedy)?

My friend wants my help and I have no idea! Can anyone help me or give me any suggestions?

Totes Late to the Party

so what kind of Pop Tarts do you think Thor ate an entire box of?

if you don't know wtf I'm talking about or just feel like answering another question here's one which inspired my title: What do you think of the Sprint commercial with James Earl Jone and Malcolm Mcdowell?