December 12th, 2013


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Slightly dumb inquiry. I've noticed the yoga mat that I haven't used in forever is stiff and sort of crunchy/peeling at the edges. Like it's dried up and needs lotion. I also noticed some old shoes (Vans slip on and some other ones) that I haven't worn have this same feeling under the material. What is causing this? How do I prevent/fix it? Google won't tell me!
Christmas Bucky

present help!

I want to get the boyfriend a present for Christmas. the only thing is, I have very limited funds (money went for my two little monsters' presents). by the time the 25th gets here, we will be at our 2 month mark.


I'm thinking I would like to print out a 4x6 picture of us and put it in a nice frame. cute or stupid? guys, would you like something like that?


he told me not to get him anything because he didnt need or want anything. the only other cheap thing I can think of is getting him some chewing tobacco and energy drinks (I got him a couple of each for his bday and he was happy.)


speaking of chew...would you rather kiss a smoker or someone who uses chewing tobacco?


are you ready for Christmas? what was your shopping budget? how many people did you/will you buy for? with the exception of the boyfriend, I finished my shopping today.  I spent $175 on Christmas presents and stocking stuffers for my 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter.


sorry this is random and scattered...its 3am here and I've been up for 21 hours. :/



The year is coming to an end. Is there anything you haven't done this year that you wish you had? What was it?

Will your year end with a whimper or a bang?

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Anyone know where I can get these type of cat condos for cheap (under $30-ish)? Doesn't need to be exactly like that, I just mean the plastic ones you have to build yourself. I used to get them at Walmart but they've stopped selling them and weirdly the ones on the walmart website are way more than what they sold for in store.


Humour me here please, I'm asking because I was at a pub quiz where the following question was asked, only the quizmaster insisted on only accepting as correct a particular wrong answer. I'm curious as to how much of a misconception it is, although TQC may well be a skewed sample.

So WITHOUT looking it up, please answer the following.
(ETA:If you don't know, then which of the two answers I've given in the comments would seem more likely to be true to you? (without finding out more about the subject, and please be honest. I come from a physics background, so genuinely have no idea what the general population would be more likely to think - and that's what I am curious about). Or humourous answers are welcome) :)

What is the fourth dimension?

Correct answer given in comments

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What do you judge people for?

What is something you absolutely HAVE to stand up for, verbally or otherwise, if you see it in public. Ex: I am very quiet and non confrontational but I saw a man hitting his dog and I just lost it on him.

Help me fix my fudge problems...

I don't have a lot of experience with fudge, so I knew that trying to make fudge this week was going to be tricky. So far I've had good success with easy fudges, but today I tried my first cooked fudge (with the candy thermometer).

So this morning I jumped up and I calibrated my thermometer. Then I started on my eggnog fudge. I let it sit at room temp for five hours, then stuck it in the fridge for another two and it never set. It has the consistency of frosting. I'm going to try again tomorrow. Here are my questions:

1. What did I do wrong on this particular recipe? I'll double check my thermometer tomorrow (Pyrex candy thermometer - I boiled water, stuck it in there for ten minutes, checked to make sure read 212). What else can I try? Someone recommended beating it after the ingredients are together (but this one uses a marshmallow creme...?).

2. With the left over frosting type, I was thinking truffles! :D What would be a good coating for eggnog truffles? Or should I turn my pumpkin snickerdoodle pudding cookies into cookie sandwiches with the eggnog frosting in the middle? It's not an overpowering eggnog flavor, I should add. More white chocolate but with a distinct eggnog flair.

DK/DC - What are your favorite recipes that are twists on old classics?
IH - space

Favorite Holiday Characters

1. Who was a favorite character from stories around the holidays?
I was always partial to the original Frosty the Snowman.

2. As an adult, did you acquire any new ones?
Buddy the Elf, from the film Elf, definitely won me over.

*feel free to add images or favorite clips, be topical or obscure.
sneaker love

Would you like to help me with my shopping list?

I'm overseas in Hong Kong. Everyone tells me I need to go shopping/eating.

So. Can you add a (weird/eccentric or must have) item to my shopping list (but nothing expensive, let's keep it to less than $100USD)? Because even if I can't afford everything... I can at least go window shopping. Or if you know of something in Hong Kong that NEEDS to be tried, could you please recommend it?

like stationery?
Or snacks?
I had a friend recommend that I buy an umbrella because apparently Asian umbrellas are incredibly light, ridiculously cute, but still sturdy.

There's also IKEA here, which we don't have in my home country... so is there anything amazing that I need to go find in IKEA?