December 11th, 2013

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Can anybody tell what font this is? I'm guessing they just copied and pasted letters because ctrl+u didn't work.

кαтү ρεяяү | ℓα∂ү gαgα | вεүσηcε
кαηүε ωεsт | נυsтιη тιмвεяℓαкε | εмιηεм
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Which would bother you the most?

Which would bother you the most?

Being mistaken for a contestant on the Biggest Loser
Being mistaken for Iggy Pop
Being mistaken for your mom/dad
Being mistaken for the opposite gender
Being mistaken for a homeless person (they put change in your hand and tell you not to spend it on alcohol)

Which would bother you the most? Being trapped in an hour on a stuck elevator with _____

A Jehovah's witness, who has a fresh stack of tracts he's dying to hand out
Weird guy who says nothing. Just pulls out a pair of X-Ray glasses, puts them on and stares at you the whole time, smiling
Old man who's doing his best to hold in a bowel movement
Sarah Palin, who passes the time bringing up gay marraige, health care and the economy
Your ex, drunk as can be, who's feeling more than a little horny

Which would bother you the most? You're at the movies, it's very crowded and every seat is filled, and you're sitting next to ______

A mother with a young child, who asks questions throughout the film
Some guy texting and receiving texts periodically through the film
Two people who have seen the movie before, and are discussing what happens next, ruining all surprises and twists for you
Morbidly obese person whose girth is spilling past the shared armrest into your seat
Someone who talks to the screen, warning people not to go into that room, who you can and cannot trust, etc. They're loud

Which would bother you the most? Front row seats to _______

Willow Smith
Insane Clown Posse
A bluegrass/honkytonk country band
Justin Bieber
A spring break wet t-shirt contest

Which would bother you the most? You've been invited to be in a wedding party with this wedding theme

Furry wedding. You'll have to wear a furry costume. A sexy one. And afterwards, you'll be expected to yiff with the rest of the wedding party
Fantasy wedding, warrior. Everybody has to wear metal armor. You'll have to rent an armored suit. It'll be expensive
Topless wedding. Thongs only
Nazi wedding. You'll all dress like German soldiers
Underwater wedding. You'll have to spend an hour in scuba gear. This may be difficult if you've never scuba'd before
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Restaurant help!

Hiya TQC, I am going to an Indian restaurant this weekend, and I'm excited but I've never been to one before, so I have no idea what to get! This is the menu--can you make any recommendations? I'm vegetarian, don't mind spicy but would prefer to limit garlic.

DK/DC: What is your favorite kind of restaurant?

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Hello! I am doing last minute Christmas shopping and want to find pretty unique things on Etsy, but I feel like I never can. Will you link to your favorite Etsy shops?

When do you usually do your Christmas shopping? What gift are you most excited about giving this year?

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I'm going to New York tomorrow! Aside from the obvious, what should I see/do? I'll have about 4 hours on my own tomorrow and all day Friday then a few days with my dad. We've done the Empire State, ground zero and aren't interested in shopping.