December 10th, 2013

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Thanks everybody for your awesome advice about questions to ask a potential landlord. The viewing of the house went really well and we submitted an application! And he said out of everybody who's viewed the place, we're his favorite. :3

Question time. I have an old Morsø cast-iron wood stove kind of like the one pictured, except much older. It's in pretty good condition on the outside and I want to repurpose it somehow. What should I do with it? I want it inside, maybe in the family room because it's a great little conversation piece (see the squirrel molded into the side!). It also has a hole on top that the chimney goes into; I'd close it up somehow. Maybe I could use it as an end table?

Dk/dc: what's your favorite home-improvement/life-hack DIY project? The cheaper, the better. Our new house needs a lot of love, so any and all suggestions are appreciated.

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I work as a cashier at a big box store similar to Target. They've said if we wear a jacket to work, we cannot take it off for "safety reasons", though I've heard supervisors say it's because it's too easy for us to steal stuff if we take our jackets off. Does this seem reasonable? I can understand where they are coming from but it's pretty shitty especially when it'll be freezing most mornings but sweltering inside the store, even more so after you get into a rhythm of checking people out and working up a sweat.

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If you could find out the answer to any big mystery (the truth about JFK's assassination, what happened to the Princes in the Tower, Jack the Ripper's identity, the meaning of the Voynich manuscript, the existence of the Loch Ness Monster or Bigfoot...), from any period, but you can only have one, which would it be? If you could know the answer, but either you couldn't tell anyone else, or no-one else would believe you, would that change your answer?
Would you like to share your pet theories about your chosen mystery with TQC?

DK/DC; what's your favourite smell?
color birdies

etsy centric questions

For those that use etsy for buying and selling...

I'm in the need of some help. I've had my etsy shop since 2006. Over the last years I've had only a small amount of success there in terms of sales. I was hoping to use it as my main shop, but it slowly became obvious that it was to be more of a supplement to all of the other venues that I've utilized. I've had my own website shop, I've done small open houses/home shopping parties, and I've done bigger fairs/bazaars. It's been a nice additional income for our family when I can really put a lot of time and energy into it. But now I'm looking to explore either other options, or to maximize what etsy offers.

My questions:

Do you shop on etsy?
How frequently?
How do you usually search on etsy?

Do you have a shop on etsy?
How often do you list?
How are your sales?

Do you have a small business outside of etsy?
How do you promote your business?
What type of business is it?
How are your sales?

Thanks for any info you are willing to provide!

(also, feel free to link me to your business facebook page or etsy shop in the comments!)

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I got a sponsor child today. When I got all set up and received information on the child I visited the website to investigate how the money is spent, programs they fund, info on the country where the child was from etc. While on the website there was a message board and I saw that a few people asked the following:

"I will sponsor women's monthly birth control or vasectomy for men but I will not support children they continue to have that they cannot afford. When can I contribute to birth control?"

Immediately my reaction is that I know education in some African countries is lacking and that many people are extremely hesitant to take medication they are not familiar with (ie. birth control) also religious reasons could stop many. Not to mention that this would not stop the spread of HIV/ other stds. What are your thoughts? Is there any validity to this statement? I can see the benefit to birth control (not the pill but the general sentiment of controlling the amount of children these families have) but the way to go about it seems like a very sensitive subject.

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Hi, all - not sure if people will have opinions on this, but I'd like to get some real human reviews here, as I've been searching for several days.

I want to get a super lightweight laptop (a netbook, basically) that is 2.5 lbs at most but IS NOT a touch screen or tablet. I don't care about the OS because I'm going to run only Linux (probably Ubuntu) on it. Therefore I also don't want to pay extra for a super snazzy OS (such as a MacAir for $1,000). I'm running into the problem where as soon as they started manufacturing netbook-style computers as lightweight as I'm looking for, they also started turning them into tablets.

I'm thinking of buying a used Chromebook for ~$200 and just running Ubuntu on that. But even a lot of those are closer to 3 lbs, which is too heavy.

So what I'm asking is: What would Jesus do?

I've looked at some Linux forums and even Reddit (god help me) to look for some recommendations, but I figured I'd try here too.