December 9th, 2013

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I observe the no personal phone calls between 8pm and 10 am rule. (Sometimes 9-9 if Iknow the person a bit more and/or it is important. ) what is your rule?

ETA : I meant no MAKING personal phone calls. I take them, or not, whenever I feel like it.

And what are the rules for texting?

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Putting aside your actual beliefs, which option is more comforting to you?:

1- there is an afterlife of some sort and it is peaceful and happy

2- absolutely nothing happens when we die there is just nothingness like before you were born you are unaware of your death or prior existence or anything at all because you are dead and worm food and have no 'spirit'

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How often do you clean your eyeglasses, if applicable?

How often do you tidy up your living space? Like, are you an all-the-time cleaner-upper, end of the day, clean on the weekends, ignore messes forever, etc.?

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What function would you like there to be an app or a piece of software for (but you don't currently know of one)?

Looking at other people's answers, do any of them exist, to your knowledge?
(My answer in comments)
sad falcon eyes

Texas to NY alone

I'm going in 10 days with a UHaul trailer on my SUV and it seems I'm driving alone. (My cat is coming too.)


I'm having a hard time figuring out how long it'll take me or what route I should go, especially taking winter weather into account.


Does anyone have any suggestions or estimates? It'll be from Austin to NYC.

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Tomorrow I am confronting two of my students about suspicions of cheating. Even though I know this is something I need to do, I'm still a little nervous, as I'm a pretty passive person and generally do not confront people in any capacity.

Does anyone have any words of wisdom or suggestions on how I might assume a more strict façade? Or, alternatively, if you're a teacher, have you been in a similar situation before? How did it go?