December 7th, 2013


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What are your favorite and least favorite frozen chicken nuggets/strips/tenders? I just tried Foster Farms breaded tenderloins and am not real impressed - the breading is nice but the chicken is kinda mushy. I've always liked Banquet nuggets, never liked Tyson.

DK/DC: What's your happiest memory?
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My husband and I are going to view a rental property tomorrow, a detached house, rather old, not updated in a while. It's in a nice neighborhood and the rent is cheap, though. What kinds of questions should we ask the landlord? What should we look out for? We've never rented a house before and I'm really new at this stuff, so any advice/input would be much appreciated.
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1. Are you an efficient worker? That can mean at work or at home. If you have a partner, who is more efficient between the two of you?

2. What is the last thing you did that made you feel productive?

3. How often do you organize your home? I don't mean clean. I mean go through everything in order to donate or get rid of things you no longer use.

4. Are you more a clutter bug or simplistic? If you are a clutter bug, are there any specific items you tend to keep as clutter?

5. Are you more heavily into function or fashion? Ideally we're all into both, but if you had to pick one, which would it be?
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Anyone ever return something because the box was empty? Any luck?

I bought a calming cat collar and when I got it home, the box was empty. They are light and there's no windows to see it, so I couldn't know until I opened it. It just screams scam to take it back and be all box was empty, even though it was.

DC/DC: Ever suck a candy cane till it was pointy and cut your mouth?

Edit: Thanks guys! I need to get some bottom feeder disks too, so I'm just going to follow your advice and ask to exchange.

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I had a dream last night where a man broke into my house. I tried shooting him with my shotgun, but it was loaded with bubble gum. Then I shot him with a pistol (Colt python .357) but only wounded him in the lower leg.

What does this dream mean???

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Will you help me settle an internet debate?

There's this website called whose purpose is to help you post a link to a website, for informative reasons, but avoid increasing its search engine rank. The idea is that when a search engine crawls the web it'll think the site is more important/relavent, even if you were just linking to it to tell everyone how bad it is.

I'm in a private facebook group that just set up a policy saying we have to post "bad review" links through - which I say is pointless for our private group, because google isn't crawling our links. Some people said at least we wouldn't be generating traffic, but we clearly are, because donotlink just redirects to the site.

Is there anything I'm missing here, is there any reason at all to use a redirect site in a private group?
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Can I ask you to share with me some news that, when received, seemed really terrible and heartbreaking but in the end was inconsequential and no big deal? I just heard that my boyfriend of three years is now engaged to a friend (!) of mine after three months of dating, four months after we broke up. I'm obviously annoyed. I know it isn't a big deal in the long run, but I'm pissed off. Share with me times when you were pissed off.

Also, please cheer me up. This still sucks, even if I know it's nbd.

wwyd strays!

The other night we obtained a stray German Shepherd. She's great with my kids but is not cat friendly. Last night my husband slept in the living room with her and she tore apart the trash can. Tonight my husband is out.

I do have a porch but it isn't heated. There is a space heater but I'm not sure how safe it is for the dog to be in the porch with it on all night though it shuts off if tipped over (leaving the dog to freeze in -25C coldness).

Should I move the trash into my other back porch where she can't access it and keep her inside (please note the other concerns with her being inside below)? Or should I risk leaving her in the porch all night and having her whine/bark and be very cold if the heater is tipped?

The dangers with her in the house is she has not met my cat yet (though she's seen her) and appears animal aggressive (when I walk her she lunges at other dogs and she did growl at my cat in the 5 seconds it took my cat to turn tail and run for her life). My cat probably won't leave my bedroom but I can't shut the door with her inside as my 4 year old comes to my bed every night and will freak out if the door isn't open. There is a baby gate preventing the dog from coming upstairs.

The other concern with her inside is all of the billions of toys my kids have. They're in the toy bin but the dog can easily get in it and eat them and the Christmas tree is up so she can get to that too...

I have no idea. Thoughts?!

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