December 6th, 2013


Condensation on Windows

Thanks TQC on my previous question about tires (weeks and weeks ago). We went with winter tires since we still have good tread on the current ones.

So my next question has to do with living in a place that gets freaking cold (like zero to negative) - we've been in the single digits for the last few days and as happens every winter, we end up with dew on the windows and on one of our outer walls in the basement (around the light switch which concerns me). We have the ability to mess with the humidity levels in our house, so we drop it down (I have a humidifier for the baby's room and I use some salt water nasal spray to help my nasal issue). I dropped the humidity again today (to 15%), cleaned up the water, but is there something else I can do? I hate how dry the air is in our house but I don't want to rot the wood or cause mildew :S

Those of you in cold climates, what do you do? What's your happy balance?

DK/DC/In the tropics: What's your favorite soda? I love Diet Dr. Pepper :P

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It might already be a bit out of date. I've heard that after Katy Perry‘s recent visit to Japan, she seemed to have inspired with Japanese culture once again and as a result, she couldn't resist her desire to show herself as one of a Japanophile and showed Japanese cosplay at the 2013 American Music Awards, which caused special pleasure to Japanese people, I suppose. However, media in U.S. called her performance racist. I wonder why....If I wore Indian cultural dress and joined an international party, I believe that Indian people would be astonished and then become happy to know my intention of telling a message of I love India. Understanding full of other cultural/traditional dress is impossible; such as Kimonos don't have exposed chests or slits at the sides, etc.. So they are hard to dance about in. The collar and the fit of the dress is more cheongsam than kimono. Although Katy's way of wearing kimono was inappropriate, it is perfectly fine. We, Japanese people celebrate Christmas anyway even most of us are either Buddhist or Shinto believers...Any opinion?
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question about islam & wearing hijab

i don't want to offend anyone but i cant seem to find an answer to this and was hoping someone here could tell me.

i live in the midwest and its fucking COLD. it was 3 degrees on my way to work, it easily gets into negative degrees, and theres a wind chill. i work at a university and lately on my way to work theres a class thats getting out at that time and i always see 3 girls who all wear the hijab, and one who wears a niqab so everything but a slit for her eyes is covered. i took a different route to work today so i didnt see them, but made me wonder...

is it okay to wear a hat and scarf on top of your islam headpieces? when its negative degrees and a windchill i assume that the thin cloth used isnt going to be warm enough. or if they make wool/fleece/cold weather head gear please enlighten me!

sort of related: i read an article about how leaders in islam had to decide how a muslim astronaut would pray on the ISS because you cant face mecca from there, plus youre in motion.
what other kinds of science advancements will religions have to make new rules for?
i'm imagining like they make a hybrid buffalo/cow - is this new half cow okay for hindus to eat? or what about for islam and judaism if they breed a half pig, half tapir?

dk/dc - whats your favorite sweater? pictures welcome.

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If you are in a male-female relationship: Is there a default driver when you both go somewhere (who drives the majority of the time)? Is it you or your SO? Are you male or female?

I love driving and always was a control freak for driving growing up no matter who I was with. Now that I'm with my SO he always drives and I love it. I am not sure if this is some sort of gender role thing.. We don't discuss it it's just automatic, even if we are in my vehicle.

Edit: Obviously if one or both of you don't have a license this question is not relevant.
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Hey, another Christmas gift post!

My nearly 3 year old has repeatedly asked "Santa" to bring him a blue car.  Nothing else.  Just a generic blue car.  Is there an awesome for 3 year old's car I can buy him that comes in blue?  I can spend a little on it.  Santa only brings him 1 gift and a $4 hot wheels car is a lot less than I planned to spend, lol.

What have your kids asked for if you have them and celebrate the holiday?

DK/DC : Do you send out holiday cards?  How many do you send out every year?

End of Semester Crunch

For the students:
What's left on your to-do list for the end of semester, homework-wise?

What day will you be leaving campus (if you travel home), or if you live at home/will be staying in the area of your school, what is the last day you have to show up on campus for a school obligation before break?

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We're participating in a vegan bake sale to help rescued diabetic cats and we made fudge to donate. The organizers have priced everything and fudge is going for $2 a square or 3 squares for $5. The pan we used is about 2 inches deep.

How big should we cut the squares? We have to package it before dropping it off tonight.

eta: It's really rich and sweet. 
Grumpy Angel

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I have a Christmas party to attend next week, and I need to bring an appetizer.  What is the best appetizer you guys have in your repertoires? (Recipes greatly appreciated.)  It can be time consuming to make, but it must be nut-free as there are serious allergies.


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I bluntly told a person, after he was a shitty friend to me, that I no longer had any interest in continuing our friendship because he was a shitty friend and did shitty things. After thinking that he got the hint because I was very blunt, I went on my merry way. A few months later, he texts me (I deleted him off my social media and phone, so I didn't know it was him at first) asking "Do you want to be my friend?"

Now, tell me, TQC, why would a person even attempt this after being bluntly told that he was disliked? Why would he still have my number? Stupidity? Arrogance (he's a very arrogant person)? I can't find any logic in this, so maybe you'll give me some insight.

He has since tried being "a friend" and bonding over things (he's a triathlete and I raced my first triathlon not too long ago, so he tried to bond over that but I told him I didn't want his help and that I had other friends willing to help me through my race) but is failing because I don't think his shittiness will ever change. I reject any of his invites to hang out, don't RSVP to his event he sends via e-mail, and don't reply to his messages, and after telling him that I don't want to be his friend, I'm not sure how much more blunt I can be.

So... Insight, oh wise TQC. Why would someone be like this?

DK/DC: How's the weather where you live?
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celeb - Nicki creep

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Last night, I dreamed that I jogged a 5K with no real problems. I have a 5K bright and early tomorrow. When I'm awake, I haven't gone running in a couple months, at least. But, I did complete Couch to 5K back in April.

What are the odds I'd be able to run the 5K tomorrow without killing myself?
If I won't make it, how far do you think I'll get before I have to walk?