December 5th, 2013

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Would a UK size 8-10 dress fit me if I wear a US size 0 if the dress is made of 6% Elastane (basically Spandex)? I know the conversion says that a UK 8 is the equivalent of a 4-6, but the Elastane would help, right?

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Have you ever become too laidback with your coworkers, to the point where they feel it's okay to constantly joke about your race and comment on your bra size? I really want to start over and not give a shit about these terrible, intolerant people, especially since I am on temporary work that I'm overqualified for.

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So I made a large sale last weekend. I was happy.

This morning, I get an email from my supervisor asking about said sale.
He is working on inventory...
I let him know everything that I remembered about the sale.

He replied:
Yea, an error was made. We can talk about it next time your work though.
Have a great week :)

I'm not going to be there for the next 10 days.

I shouldn't let this bother me, right? Argh.

What viral video did I miss?

Well I finally hooked my computer speakers back up. It's been since ... oh ... mid August I think, and I believe I've missed a lot of top-notch shared pop culture. I finally watched (and listened to) Ylvis What does the fox say. I tried to find Miley Cyrus with that Thicke fellow and the twerking and the foam finger, but all I could find were vids shot off the tv screen by holding up a cell phone unsteadily.

What should I watch and listen to on Youtube so that I can be one with the cultural substrate once more?


Room colour

This week we're having one of our large walls repaired and painted. My husband and I love bright colours but I have a ginormous and equally hideous green microfiber sectional. What colours and shades go well with it?!

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Getting a new couch or reupholstering the sectional is not an option...we have to work with the ugly.
We wanted a coral pink wall but with this sectional...I just don't know. Would coral pink just be too much? What other bright or bold colours would work? I don't want anything too dark. The room is too large for the small windows it has so it's plenty dark already. * no neutrals!