December 4th, 2013

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Breakup poll. What would make you pull the plug?

You've been in a relationship for a few months and it's going ok. Not super, but fine. Which of these things would be factors in ending the relationship? Anything you don't check, it's assumed that you could overlook that fault and try and work through it

Your SO has a demanding job, and doesn't always have time to see you. Has had to cancel a few dates already because of work
Doesn't always listen to you. You've noticed that some things you've said have just gotten nods of assent, but your SO doesn't do what you ask and accuses you of not bringing it up beforehand
Even though he/she denied it, you really thought that he/she was flirting with your brother/sister
More than a bit insecure. Checks in nightly to see if you're home, quizzes you, hasn't checked your cell phone as far as you know but you don't feel comfortable leaving it with her/him
Deep down, your SO isn't very interesting. You've heard all their anecdotes, their jokes, and their day-to-day life isn't interesting. It's very routine by now, all of it
Poor. Your SO is usually broke and you either have to pay or you guys go somewhere free, or just stay in
You really don't like his/her friends. You find them dull, lacking wit and whiny
His/her friends are ok, but you don't like the way your SO changes his/her personality when they're together. Swears a lot more, uses words like 'bro' and 'dude', and that fake laugh
Your SO has terrible farts. He/she is kind of gassy anyways, and every night you're together, you've come to expect several gag-worthy farts that linger around. It's gross
Your SO is faithful, but you've noticed him/her checking out more attractive people when they think you're not looking
You knew your SO liked to drink, but now you realize that it's more than just a hobby
Your lover is bad in bed. Expects you to do all the work, and usually just falls asleep after orgasm. Selfish, and doesn't last very long in the sack
Lack of punctuality. He/she is always late. You've missed movies, dinner dates, and important meetings. Your SO just can't seem to get their shit together
Doesn't like going out. If left to his/her own devices, would play video games every night
Has kind of a temper. Little things piss your SO off, and he/she explodes in an audible fit, but it blows over soon enough. At least one episode per day spent together, on average, but returns back to the sweet person you know
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love? idk

oh jeez....tqc....until recently, I've been single for the better part of 3 years (separated from ex husband in June 2010, divorced in November 2011).


I've had 3 other relationships not including my current one since my exhusband and I split. the 3 previous relationships ended around the 1 month point (found out 2 were cheating...the 3rd wasnt kid friendly like he said he was)


anyway, I've recently hit the one month mark with my new guy. I honestly don't know how I got so lucky. It seems like he's better for me than anyone else has been.


ok....with that random back story....I think that I could love this guy. but how soon is too soon to let him know? I don't want to jinx it or scare him off. (he's in the process of a long, messy divorce from his ex. I'm not the rebound from that relationship. he's dated 4 or 5 women since he and his ex split a long time ago)


for those of you in relationships, how long did it take before you fell in love? how long did you wait before telling your SO?


I'm all awkward with this stuff. :( the ex husband and I were together from the time I was 15 until right before I turned 26. I'm 29 now. (boyfriend is 32...not so relevant, I know.)


dk/dc how's the weather? Southern Illinois is nice right now...I have my bedroom window open. they're calling for a winter storm tomorrow into Friday. ugh...damn weather!

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For those that buy toys/gifts/food for holiday charity drives...

Do you buy the same sort of food for food drives that you buy for yourself? Why/why not?

When buying a gift for a child, does your social/gender opinions ever enter the picture? Meaning, if you don't support Barbie and the message she gives girls would you buy one for a child?
When you purchase a doll do you automatically buy a white baby doll/Barbie? Do you automatically buy a black one? Why/why not?
Would you buy a little boy a doll?
How about buying a truck for a little girl?

When purchasing for a toy drive, would you rather purchase a large gift for one child or buy a smaller, less expensive gift for a half dozen children?

All of these questions prompted by me at Target not knowing what the hell I'm doing. Every toy I picked up seemed loaded with social consequences. And then I just felt rotten. :(
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Another dog question.

My dog is terrified of the vacuum to the point where he shakes and I can feel his heart racing even after the noise stops.

Any suggestions on how I can help him with this? If someone else is vacuuming then I sit with him, pet him, and talk to him, but it only seems to help a little bit.

Will he ever get over this? We've only had him eight months.

What are some things your pets are scared of?

Elks Club Dinner

Thanks to a raffle win, I get to eat dinner for two at the local Elks Club.

I've never been in an Elks Club before, and I had no idea they served dinner. All I could picture was Fred Flintstone and a bunch of grown men wearing silly Buffalo hats. Or maybe that was Ralph Kramden. I dunno.

What can I expect?
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Have you read the Divergent series? Is the second one worth buying on my Nook for $12? I paid $4 for the first one, and it was good. I've heard that the second and third ones are not as good, and I don't want to waste my money if it's not worth it.

What are some other good, quick-read books that I can use to cleanse my palate after fighting through A Dance with Dragons (the 5th Game of Thrones book)? I've read the Hunger Games trilogy and loved it. YA or not, doesn't matter, I just want something fast paced and interesting.

Present Ideas

I am going to Germany in January to work as an au pair. I'm in the UK at the moment. I want to bring the kids some little presents to say hi. I'll probably bring a box of chocolates for the parents/famiy.

I have some cellophane gift bags so I was thinking of filling one each - any ideas for what to put in?

They are boys, aged 3 and 9. I'd like the bags to be similar because they might compare, but the age difference might make it tricky. They like playing outside, reading/being read to (but don't speak English very well) and apart from that I don't know anything helpful for present buying. I will skype them again before I go but I'd like to buy things before then.

My ideas so far have been bubbles, bouncy balls, little colouring books, those giant balloon punch bags. Anyone know where I might be able to get just two of each of those online? Any "older" ideas for the 9-year old?

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can you think of any shows that feature actual lower-middle class or poor families? I've been watching a lot of Parenthood and Brothers & Sisters and both talk about struggling for money at various points but they are just rich and it's laughable the way they talk about throwing money around. Or even shows that portray struggling people in a believable way.

The only ones I can think of are Roseanne, Everybody Hates Chris, and Malcolm in the Middle. I feel like a lot of shows might talk about being broke or struggling, but then they are still very obviously well off or comfortable. 
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Brrrr!!!..... I'm spending my first winter in Denver, Colorado and we are under a crazy freeze.  It's going to bottom out at -6 degrees with a windchill down to -17.  O_O   As someone who is originally from the south, this is a new experience for me and by far the coldest weather I have ever experienced!  But I'll gladly take this over the stifling heat and humidity of my hometown summers. :-D

So my question is..... what is the coldest weather you have ever experienced in your life?  How about the hottest? :-)  What kind of weather do you love best?