December 2nd, 2013

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Have you ever attended a session of a legislative body (municipal, state/province, or national)?

Do you do so on a regular basis?

What did you attend for (what issues were on the agenda)?

Unrelated/random: Why does a song titled "Slow Down" have such a fast beat?

The dominant narrative in children's education

We regret the dominant narrative in children's education that good always wins.

Under this theme, there was a discussion.

I thought it very interesting, because the idea of the good always supposed to win are long time fixed in our mind from the time of our childhood, it causes some problems. Demon is bad, therefore the good hero has to beat him. That kind of perception leads us to the point that we should always work hard and as a result, we'll be more successful in the future, also being honest, kind to others, treat people as charity are important so that we will be loved by others and such deed contributes to the society. But the reality is sometimes different when we become adult. Bad people become more successful and rich. On top of that, the bad can be translated to the loser who didn't work hard in life even his life was actually started with a very unfair environment such as born in a poor family with nobody to be taken care of. Without seeing his/her real problems hidden behind, we tend to look down on those people and tend to think this way; oh, this guy is a looser because he didn't work hard. Because of that kind of perception rooted in our mind for a long time. Any opinion?
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Present Time!

Can we use this post to discuss holiday gifts? What are you getting everyone for the holidays? Feel free to go into as much or as little detail as you want. Do you need gift suggestions for anyone? Maybe some TQCers can help think of awesome gifts.