November 29th, 2013

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Whenever I take a shower or bath lately my chest/throat get really tight and it feels like I can't breathe. Lots of coughing. Obviously I'm able to breathe enough to not pass out etc., but my chest just feels unbearably tight. Tonight was the worst it's been so I'm a little worried. I've never had asthma, it doesn't happen during runs or anything, just in my bathtub. I feel fine now.
Any idea what could be causing this?


I am concerned about my mom. She's only 61 but has a lot of health problems and her COPD is getting worse. She is also very stubborn. My dad died over 10 years ago so she's been living by herself for a while. I am worried because she hasn't been putting much effort into cooking for herself at home as evidenced by weight loss and decreased appetite. (I work in medicine and I am worried there is something more serious going on, but she keeps these things to herself and refuses to let us in on it.) She has expressed interest in Meals on Wheels, but I am not sure she qualifies because she's not 100% homebound. I would move her in if she would let me or cook for her every single day but I live in NC and she lives in Michigan. Do you know of any senior meal programs that can deliver meals regularly?


White Elephant Gift

My recruiting office is doing a white elephant exchange. I have no idea what to get. It can be a gag (as long as it's appropriate and not in the shape of a weapon, since this is a military recruiting office) or serious, $20 max.

What say you, TQC?

DK/DC: What have you done today?

I've been moping and watching Shrek all day.

Edit: Typing is hard.
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I need help helping!

My best friend is dealing with a LOT. I won't get too into it, but at 25 she's taking care of both of her parents who are pretty sick, her teenaged nephew, plus herself, boyfriend, and 4 dogs. And she works full time. Her mom is constantly in and out of the hospital and when she's home, my friend is home with her, doing all of the cooking and the cleaning.

I need to do something for her, as she's falling apart and I feel like a nervous breakdown is upon us, but it's hard because I have NO money. Everything I can think of (hiring someone to clean the house, buying some food for them or buying food to cook for them, etc.) costs money. All I can offer her is my support and company but I want to do more.

Any ideas as to what I could do for her? I'm trying to think of something creative but I'm failing miserably.

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do you donate blood? why or why not? what's your blood type?

I try to donate but almost every time, my iron count is like a point or two below the minimum requirement. I've only been able to successfully donate blood once. I'm A+.

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Where did you go out to eat for your last birthday?
Where do you want to go for your next birthday?
Is there a restaurant you're dying to try.

Tonight I'm celebrating my 27th birthday (a few days early) and we're getting Mexican. Last year I had Indian.
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MY neighbour is blasting his music. I have misophonia so noises piss me the fuck off. I'm resisting pounding on his walls. We own our townhouses so no landlord. And he's fucking scary. He screamed at me for smoking on my deck with my friends.

How should I deal with this? SRS and NON SRS
lets leave!

any suggestions?

Hey! I have a super busy schedule with work & school full time, a 7 year old who has after school activities, and life! I gained ALOT of weight in two years (45 lbs on a five foot two frame). I recently started working out, and lost 15. I'm working hard to get it back down. I do lack sleep. I usually get 3-6 on a average night. A lot of people have suggested I take advocare spark, or plexus slim drink. It helps provide energy while assisting weight loss. Can anyone recommend these?!

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Hey guys!

I just got some great news and have to share it with someone other than my husband: I am pregnant!

So my question for you is: What good news have you gotten recently?

Do you know anyone who is pregnant? There are three of us in my group of friends, all due within six months.

Can you give me the gender of your siblings in the order you were born? My nuclear family consists of an older brother and myself. :)