November 28th, 2013


I'm looking for online shopping recommendations in the US for a 22 female, into quirky stuff and bargains. Any recommendations?
I don't like spending more than $30 unless its good quality or a significant item (coat/shoes)

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You have the opportunity to save a cat from imminent death. The cat is not your pet, but you dog get to meet it in person before making the decision. It seems pretty cute, and well behaved insofar as you can tell at the time. Which of these would you be willing to do to save the cat's life? Unchecked = you'd rather let the cat die than do it.

Pay $500, immediately
Commit to becoming the cat's new owner, for the rest of its life
Give a complete stranger, the person in possession of the cat, a blow job
Kill a dog
Commit to volunteering at an animal shelter for one 8 hour shift every week for a year
Agree to go on a date with someone you find repulsive
Agree to take responsibility for the cat's medical bills - estimated to be 50-100$ a month for the forseeable future
Agree to never tell anyone about a serious crime you just witnessed
Agree to help stranger get away with a felony
Steal the cat, with all attendant legal risks
Use physical violence against another person, to obtain the cat
Put your professional reputation at risk
Give up a personal possesion that has serious sentimental value
Agree to forego any use of the internet for six months
You have to carry the cat home with nothing but your bare hands to contain it; it gets violently upset when picked up
Frame a stranger for a crime they did not commit and lie to the police
Agree to take sexy bestiality themed photos with the cat
Personally retrieve the cat from a house full of feces, mold, fleas and miscellaneous trash

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I moved in with my boyfriend a couple of weeks ago and have been going a little overboard with buying furniture and stuff for the apartment. We're also not living frugally at all, going out a lot and buying too much fancy food and booze. I (literally) just about had a panic attack when I checked my bank statements so it's high time I start saving up a bit (a lot) more. Any tips on:

How to get my boyfriend on board buying less and cheaper - which to us means more boring - food?

Fun things to do that don't cost money?

Saving money in general?

Madeline Lilli

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I have taken the plunge, TQC - I'm joining my local roller derby.

I have several names in the running, and would love some help whittling them down. I won't need one immediately - the season itself begins in the spring, and I'll be training until then - but it'd be nice to have just a few in mind.

NOTE: If you want to make a suggestion, go here first and see if it's not already taken. After that, have a party...

Poll #1945605 I'm a derby girl, in a derby world...

Which derby name should I take up?

Lulu Von Hertz (number 440)
Cruiser Bruiser
Helen Bach
Lilli Von Schlupp
Nova Caine
Rocky Rhoades
Rocky Rose
Paula Bearer
Something better that I'll put in comments, silly woman
What, no ticky box?

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I'm making a kind of Life Story scrapbook for my Mum who has Alzhiemers. I'm going to put photos and stories in about her childhood, jobs, friends, etc etc What kinds of categories do you suggest I have? I also thought about putting wee quotes in random places of the strange quirky phrases & sayings she always uses. Plus maybe my own favourite memories of us. What other suggestions do you have?

What was the last thing that made you smile? I got this tattoo last week. My Mum and I used to always love the video for Queen - These Are The Days Of Our Lives and as huge Freddie fans it always hit a chord at the end when he whispers 'I still love you' My Mum would always whisper it alongside him and it drove me mad!! Obviously now I really really miss it. SO that & alongside the general meaning of the song all tied in nicely & I got her to write this for me. 936757_10152064238455883_36082345_n

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If you found out that your favourite musician/author/actor had done something terrible (committed a crime you felt to be really awful, for example), would you still listen to their music, read their books, watch their movies?

If you were having a baby shower, would you prefer to receive a gift from the registry, or something hand-made (baby clothes, a soft toy, a blanket, for example)?

DK/DC: what's the weather like where you are?