November 27th, 2013

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A question for parents: do you like it when people tell you that your kid looks like you?

A question for people with parents: do/did people ever tell you you look like one of your parents? What do/did you think of it?

Feel free to post pics of people you look like or who look like you ;)
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Since the US Thanksgiving is tomorrow, there are a lot of pictures on FB popping up from friends with their kids at schools dressed as Native Americans and Pilgrims.

I think we're all figuring out that it is inappropriate to dress as a Native on Halloween, but what about at school? Is it teaching the wrong thing? Thoughts?

State of Alabama

I bought a car 3 weeks ago tomorrow. I wasn't told by the financing people that my title app wasn't with my paperwork and that they didn't have my title yet.


They still don't have it. First it was that the auction house in Florida they bought the car from didn't have the tag from the seller yet. Now it's that there title-processing computer software iss down.


They didn't even give me a temporary tag. One of the financing guys said he'd pay whatever penalty fees mvr slaps on me when I get my tag when/if it's late, but how does that really help. Me? And if I get a ticket and get my car towed for driving an unregistered vehicle?


What are my rights and what should I know/do or expect from them? How can I make them fix this?


I have a 2 hour drive on the interstate this week then another one back home from Thanksgiving and all I have in place of a tag is a JD Byrider advertisement.


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TQC, I'm looking for the name of a kids game where you have to put these little yellow shape pieces in a tray in their matching spots and if you don't do it fast enough a timer goes off and the tray springs up and the shape pieces explode everywhere, anyone know what this is?

*Update* ah... perfection! Thank you all! Follow-up question: I never had this game as a kid but want to buy it for my kids because it looks really fun, it's not going to make them nervous wrecks is it? LOL
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I Have Cheerios

...specifically a giant box of plain Cheerios. I don't like plain Cheerios. Is there some kind of snack I can make with these on the order of Rice Krispy treats that I can then pawn off on my co-workers next week?

Dk/dc - what do you like best about where you work?

Edited to add: I made the Cheerios snack bars - one batch plain and one with peanut butter - they are both yummy! And best of all, the giant box of cereal is finished! Thanks TQC!
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How do I know if the PS3 is about to die? I feel like every 2 or 3 times we turn it on, it gets frozen at the start-up screen (well not actually frozen...more like moving in VERY slow motion) and we have to hard-restart it. It also whirrs really loudly if there's a CD in there when I go to the menu, but when I select something to do (Netflix, movie, etc) it quiets down. Any bets on how long this thing is going to last before it spontaneously combusts?

My boyfriend broke this on purpose in hopes I'd get him the PS4 for Christmas, y/y?

DK/DC: How do you feel about hundred year old vampires that look like teenagers having relationships with human teenagers? Edward and Bella, Stefan/Damon and Elena, etc. Is it creepy/statutory since they're technically so old, or is it ok since they're in a teenager's body?

I feel like theoretically it should be creepy, but I'm watching Vampire Diaries right now and it really doesn't sketch me out. Edward sketched me out in Twilight for unrelated reasons

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I was baking a cake for Thanksgiving, this brown sugar cake, which I have made many times without a hitch. I'm used to my own oven and I know how long it takes, but my parents' oven is old and touchy, so I checked on it sooner than I usually do. To my dismay, the minute I touched the cake pan, it began to fall in the middle.

Now my cake is cooked perfectly, smells fantastic, and tastes even better, but it's falling apart and has a deep moat through the entire ring (I used a 10 in angel food cake pan as suggested). The sides started to crack when I turned it out because the center is so much lower than the outside. I reversed it so that the ring is showing, but now I'm not sure what to do. I hate showing people desserts that are less than perfect and now I really want to push it off to sea and set it ablaze, but that's not an option.

How would you salvage this cake? Cakeballs would be a great solution if I didn't violently hate them because they taste dry and weird, and this cake is very sweet, so mixing it with frosting isn't really something I want to do. Does anyone have any ideas at all? 
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Weighing In.

Let's pretend you are way over weight. Like, you could lose at least a third of your current weight and still not be skinny. Then suddenly, out of the blue, you start losing weight like you are an expert dieter with an extreme exercise regiment. BUT, you've changed nothing about what you eat and exercise is still a four letter word.

How much accidental weight would you have to lose before you get concerned about a potential health issue? You feel fine, don't look different (except for slightly smaller) and there is nothing else going on. You only noticed because your clothes are suddenly a size or two too big.
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Dear bakers of TQC!

I'm looking for the recipe for a dessert my mum used to make. She called them "strawberry pinkies." They were basically a thin brownie with a layer of pink, strawberry-flavored cream, which is chilled and then topped with a layer of chocolate. She also made a green mint version. She thinks she got it out of the magazine Country Living. Does this ring a bell?

DK/DC: favorite holiday dessert recipe? I love making Springerle cookies but they're so labor-intensive.

Roasting a chicken.

Because it is just me for Thanksgiving this year, I went with a chicken. It's a brined, whole chicken from Trader Joe's. How should I prepare it for cooking, and what is the best way to cook it? I know this is Google-able, but I want human answers because I am not the best with things like this.